Disgraceful: Obama did nothing to assist Green Movement in Iran; State Dept. funded anti-Netanyahu campaign

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As you know, today is Election Day in Israel and it seems the voter turnout will be rather high. Polls close at 4pm ET and you can watch a live stream of the results here.

Of course the story dominating the election here in America is the Congressional investigation into anti-Netanyahu shadow campaigns from OneVoice and Victory 15 led by Obama operatives who received $350,000 in taxpayer funds from the State Department. Now, what we can all expect — just like the most recent Obama interview on Vice News — is somehow this will all be blamed on the featured speaker last night at the event I attended here in Dallas, President George W. Bush.

Who by the way last night stated it was not the place of a former president to criticize the current one — a true display of class.

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But as I drove into work at the NCPA this morning, something struck me as ironic. The Obama administration’s fingers are all over the Israeli elections — and I’m quite sure the ol’ “I learned about it from the news plausible Obama deniability statement” will be used.

Now it’s not unprecedented for America to have some interest in a foreign country’s election but to the extent that a shadow campaign operation has been established — against an ally…that is unprecedented. Here is the irony: how many of you recall the Iranian Green Movement and how the masses of young people took to the streets of Tehran to protest the rule of the mullahs and ayatollahs and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Remember the sad episode when the world watched the young Iranian girl shot by Revolutionary Guards and she bled to death?

The Green Movement cried out to President Obama for assistance in overthrowing Ahmadinejad and the elections. But Barack Hussein Obama did nothing. And funny, Obama clearly evidences his disdain for Prime Minister Netanyahu, promises funds for Hamas, is about to sign a non-binding executive agreement with Iran and has allowed a 40-year-old emergency oil supply guarantee with Israel to expire.

Does any of this make sense or are some of you so intoxicated on the elixir known as Kool-Aid that you are blind to the obvious — or potentially ignorant of reality?

As you watch the events unfold today around the Israeli elections, just remember that President Obama and his administration sought to undermine the reelection of an ally, while they did nothing to prevent the reelection of an enemy — one with whom they are energetially seeking negotiation without Congressional or American approval. And who exactly does the liberal progressive media refer to as “traitorous”?

This a glaring example of that old Superman comic book series, Bizarro World.

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