Bi-partisan committee probing use of State Department (i.e. taxpayer) funds to oust Netanyahu

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Remember the excuse that President Obama wouldn’t meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu because it was too close to the Israeli elections? Some Democrats stated the speech before Congress by the Prime Minister of Israel was nothing more than a political stunt aimed at advancing his case for his country’s election. Well, not too long ago we brought you the story about Obama campaign operatives who were in Israel working against Netanyahu — of course there was silence from most quarters…until now.

As reported by Fox News, “A powerful U.S. Senate investigatory committee has launched a bipartisan probe into an American nonprofit’s funding of efforts to oust Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after the Obama administration’s State Department gave the nonprofit taxpayer-funded grants, a source with knowledge of the panel’s activities told Fox.”

“The fact that both Democratic and Republican sides of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations have signed off on the probe could be seen as a rebuke to President Obama, who has had a well-documented adversarial relationship with the Israeli leader.”

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“The development comes as Netanyahu told Israel’s Channel Two television station this week that there were “governments” that wanted to help with the “Just Not Bibi” campaigning.

This reminds me of the shadow campaign during our 2012 reelection run by some outside group from San Francisco called Credo — not to mention $5 million piped in by one George Soros (yeah, that guy who was funding “net neutrality”).

And no, the Koch Brothers didn’t send anything our way. This is how the Saul Alinskyites of the left roll when it comes to elections, and now it seems they’re not just playing their game in the United States.

As we previously reported, this so called “non-profit” received funds from the U.S. State Department — of course the response will be, they didn’t use the funds for that purpose — yep, just check the emails.

There are those who will say, this is no big deal — again, the hypocrisy. Imagine if a Republican State Department have given taxpayer grants to Halliburton? We all know the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu is, shall we say, not ideal.

But can you imagine the behind-the-scenes wink-wink to fund such an effort? I know, President Obama will do a cheeky CBS interview and claim that he JUST found out about this on the news like everyone else. I’ve never seen such a repeated abuse of the premise of plausible deniability. Combined with prosecutorial discretion, you have a chief executive who’s just waltzing Matilda all over the U.S. Constitution.

But, I have to ask this question, will anything ever happen? Are there any consequences? No, there have never been and I don’t foresee any, even in this case.

“A source familiar with the matter confirmed for Fox News that the probe — undisclosed until now — was both underway and bipartisan in nature. According to the source, the probe is looking into “funding” by OneVoice Movement – a Washington-based group that has received $350,000 in recent State Department grants, and until last November was headed by a veteran diplomat from the Clinton administrations.”

“A subsidiary of OneVoice is the Israel-based Victory 15 campaign, itself guided by top operatives of Obama’s White House runs, which seeks to “replace the government” of Israel. “It’s confirmed that there is a bipartisan Permanent Subcommittee inquiry into OneVoice’s funding of V15,” the source said, speaking on condition of anonymity about the American group, which bills itself as working for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

“In his television interview, Netanyahu said the coalition seeking to oust him is generously funded by foreign donors who are also encouraging a high voter turnout among Israel’s Arab and left-wing voters in a bid to replace the existing leadership.”

The fact that this is even happening is shameful enough, that there are campaign operatives affiliated with the Obama campaign in Israel is unconscionable — of course the progressive socialist leftist detractors are now going to tell us that Reagan, H.W. Bush and W. Bush all did this. They’ll try to create some moral equivalency, right? I can’t remember any time when any American presidential administration openly held such contempt for the Israeli leadership and sought to influence its election in such a manner.

“Netanyahu characterized the campaign against him as “unprecedented.” While Netanyahu pointed the finger at “European countries and left-wing people abroad,” some observers note that he held back from openly criticizing Obama during his recent trip to the U.S. to address Congress on problems his government sees with administration-backed efforts to reach a nuclear weapons inspection deal with Iran. No direct link has been confirmed between Obama and the anti-Netanyahu campaign in Israel, but polls have shown that a large majority of Israelis believe the administration has been interfering in the election, set for March 17.”

So the question has to be asked, why? Why would the American progressive left be so hell-bent on having a far leftist leadership in Israel? What is there to gain for America or Israel? Is the fundamental transformation not just for America but the sights set outside our borders as well? But who will benefit, the Islamists?

So what happens to Israel if they have a leadership perceived as weak as America’s at this time? That’s easy. Israel doesn’t have oceans providing a security buffer.You can bet Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, ISIS, Al Nusra front, and Iran especially would love to see another Obamaesque leadership in Israel.

Nothing would be more enticing and emboldening to our Islamic terrorist and jihadist enemy — now those consequences are real.

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