Abortion more important to Democrats than stopping sex-trafficking as they block bipartisan bill

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A recent Gallup poll listed America’s number one problem is government. I know one of the troubling issues is whether or not Members of Congress even read the bills offered — there is sad reminder of just that. And of course, there’s the matter of where priorities lie.

As reported by Fox News, “A bipartisan bill aimed at combating human sex trafficking has hit a major snag after Senate Democrats — who unanimously voted to move the bill out of committee — hit the brakes upon discovering a Republican-backed abortion provision.”

“Though the relatively modest 68-page bill has been available for nearly two months, it wasn’t until this week that Senate Democrats said they noticed the language, and subsequently threatened to block the bill. As drafted, the legislation would crack down on what lawmakers in both parties agree is a seamy underworld of drugs and human sex trafficking akin to modern-day slavery. Fines paid by those convicted of the sex-trafficking crimes would go into a fund to help victims. But Democrats now are balking because the legislation also contains a Republican-inserted provision that bars the use of fines to pay for abortions, except in cases of rape, incest or when the life of the pregnant woman is in jeopardy.’

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“Democrats believe that divisive issues like this should be kept off what is otherwise a broadly bipartisan bill,” a spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid said, adding that they’re trying to find a “path forward.”

This piece of legislation was voted out of committee. It was also voted under the rules of cloture meaning in the Senate it could be brought to the Senate floor for a vote. It is only 68 pages long and now the Senate Democrats are balking at a provision that was always in the legislation and as Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, said, Democrats had indeed know of the provision as they had discussed it.

Senate Democrats are now in a very interesting position — almost untenable — as they must explain their desire to use government confiscated funds from sex trafficking offenders for the purpose of killing babies. The Senate GOP provision states those confiscated fines could be used in cases of rape, incest, and the life of a pregnant woman being in jeopardy — but that’s not good enough for the progressive socialist abortionists. They support the killing of babies by any means necessary. Let’s be honest that’s what this is — it is not women’s reproductive health or rights.

I fully support women’s reproductive health — the fight against cervical, ovarian, and uterine cancers. But we should not forget the rights of the unborn.

So why the faux protest from the Senate Democrats now? Because I bet those groups who support them financially — Planned Parenthood and Emily’s List –made the call to the Senate Minority Leader and persuaded him to pull support. There’s no other explanation since this legislation had passed two previous hurdles.

Sadly we clearly see where the priorities of the liberal progressive left lie—it’s certainly not caring for the women and children who are victims of human sex-trafficking.

For the left, nothing can ever stand in the way of killing babies, honoring the vision of Margaret Sanger. And so the Senate Democrats want the freedom to use the collected fines with NO restrictions on their use in the practice of killing babies. The Senate Democrat argument is that the fines are not government funds — but rather private monies.

Now, I ain’t the most brilliant fella in the world, but it seems to me that’s contradictory to the premise of Obamacare “fines” for not purchasing health insurance. The SCOTUS ruled the Affordable Care Act constitutional because these “fines” were permitted under the taxing authority of the Congress.

So I’m a little confused. Why is it that the “fines” levied against honest hardworking Americans are ruled a tax — government resources. Yet, in the case of protecting innocent women and children victims of human sex trafficking and levying, “fines” against those despicable perpetrators are considered private monies — all so the Democrats can further victimize unborn children.

The hypocrisy would be laughable if not so very horrible. So much for the “War on Women.” Sex trafficking matters little to the liberal progressive leftist abortionists if it in anyway affects killing unborn babies. Not only have the Senate Democrats embarrassed themselves by showing they don’t read legislation. They’ve just shown — once again — the meaning of duplicitous hypocrisy.

Fines are taxes controlled by government when liberal progressives control government. Fines are private funds when they don’t — and how often in the first two years of the Obama reign when the Democrats held the House and Senate did you hear the word “bipartisanship?”

The rules are different for Democrats than for Republicans — just look at the Hillary Clinton email issue as a case in point.

The Senate GOP offered a reasonable amendment that the Democrats were aware of — or they were just too lazy to read the 68 pages of the legislation?

Regardless I suppose it depends on what the meaning of “fines” is.

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