Damned if you do: New study says smiling, chivalrous men are actually sexists in disguise

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[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

Men, I’m sorry. You simply cannot win.

A new study published in the journal Sex Roles says that men who act friendly and smile a lot around women may actually be disguising “benevolent sexism.”

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The Washington Post reports, “Basically, the argument is that these two properties — hostile sexism and benevolent sexism — work together to maintain inequality,” said lead author Jin Goh, a graduate student at Northeastern University. Most people think of sexist men as being dominant aggressors who believe that women should be put down in society. But other men believe that women should be treated with kindness and love, but still don’t see them as being capable of achieving the same things as men.”

“It’s a very paternalistic, protective view of women, and it seems kind of appealing as a sort of chivalry,” Goh said, “But it does contribute to inequality, because these men don’t expect women to achieve high goals.”

Granted the sample size for this test was small (only 27 pairs of college students) – but since we’re talking about this subject, we all know size doesn’t matter.

The men were given a test called “the Ambivalent Sexism Index. It had men rate their agreement with statements like “women are too easily offended” (an example of hostile sexism) and “a good woman should be set on a pedestal by her man” (an example of benevolent sexism). Statements that suggested equality, like “women shouldn’t necessarily be rescued before men during a disaster” gave negative scores.”

“No matter how the women acted, men were more likely to show patience and friendly nonverbal cues the more highly they rated on the benevolent sexism scale.”

“Sexism can appear very friendly and very welcoming, so in the paper we said that sexism can act like a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” Goh said. “We add that sexism can consciously or unconsciously cloak itself in friendliness, so in a way it’s more insidious and treacherous than hostile sexism.”

Ok, so using this logic, I’m in greater danger from a man who opens the door for me than a man who pushes me against the wall for a grope?

It’s now a NEGATIVE if a man is polite to me?

And now we wonder why civility is disappearing from our society?

Can I ask one more question?

Does this logic therefore apply to racism?

It should certainly apply to affirmative action. After all, if you’re being extra nice to minorities, I suppose that would imply “benevolent racism.” Minorities aren’t expected to achieve high goals, so they must be given extra advantages to achieve.

And who are the most benevolent racists? Progressives.

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