Two police officers shot in Ferguson: no mention of race of victims or shooter [VIDEO]

Outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder recently stated that he would “do everything it takes” to bring about justice in the matter of Ferguson, Missouri. This comes after a grand jury and official Department of Justice investigation found no wrongdoing by Officer Darren Wilson — and both debunked the “hands up, don’t shoot” false narrative. Not satisfied, Holder found it necessary to publicly impugn the reputation of the Ferguson Police Department and blame law enforcement officers for carrying out their mission — securing peace and promoting domestic tranquility.

I certainly do not support the use of any racial slurs — so I await Holder’s investigation into rap music.

However, this morning’s news of two Ferguson police officers being shot, in fact targeted, is just another episode in the continuing declining environment for American law enforcement officers.

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The two police officers were shot in Ferguson, Missouri as protestors gathered outside the Ferguson Police Department following the announced resignation of Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

A 32-year-old officer from nearby Webster Groves was shot in the face and a 41-year-old officer from St. Louis County was shot in the shoulder.

UPDATE: MSNBC reports that 3 people have been take in for questioning. A bystander recorded this video of the SWAT operation and provided some “colorful” commentary. Also, Eric Holder condemned the shooting as a “heinous assault” and called the shooter a “damn punk.”

Isn’t it interesting that in such a racially-charged atmosphere, there is no mention in the media reports of the race of the victims or the suspects? It leads you to believe that is not desired knowledge. If it were whites firing upon blacks, that would have been the first piece of detail released. The hypocrisy has to end.

This horrible state of existence for the “Thin Blue Line” is due to the Obama administration — namely President Obama and Eric Holder (despite his words today) — along with their accomplice New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio — and their warped vision of “social justice” and promoting racial divisions for political advantage.

Those of the progressive socialist ilk care little for the guardians and defenders of this Republic. To my brothers and sisters in the military and in blue, I beseech you to hang in there, committed leaders who will support you are coming. My condolences to the officers shot and their families — you are in my prayers.
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