Another email we’ll never see: the Army’s report on Bowe Bergdahl

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Where the heck is Bowe Bergdahl? Is he hiding in the same location as Hillary’s emails?

Let me be more specific, where is the investigation report we were told was completed last year October? I want to clarify a point: it does not take a senior U.S. Army general this long to determine what has already been determined in a Pentagon report from 2010.

If a Soldier deployed in a combat zone departs his assigned place of duty leaving his weapon and sensitive items and isn’t found – he is a deserter. There are no extenuating circumstances. There is no blame on other members of the squad or platoon. Consider that in all the years of combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has only been one American trooper who has left his duty post, and amazingly enough, was not savagely and brutally murdered by the enemy.

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Ali Musa Dadduq, a Lebanese terrorist, was guilty of kidnapping several U.S. Soldiers who were ritually disemboweled and executed. In the summer of 2005, two American Soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division were captured and ritually executed. We remember the U.S. contractors hung from the bridge in Fallujah. And in Iraq while I was a battalion commander, two U.S. Soldiers from a sister Artillery unit out of Ft. Sill were captured from their checkpoint and found naked and executed — our unit found and recovered their stripped down HMMWV.

So why was Bowe Bergdahl kept alive by the Taliban and Haqqani for five years?

I have another pertinent question: when is Bowe Bergdahl’s ETS (end termination of service) date — meaning when is his discharge date from the Army?

My assessment is that the Obama administration by way of the Secretary of the Army John McHugh, is holding out and keeping Bergdahl hidden until (oops!) he’s left the Army and will be getting $300,000 in back pay.

There is no explanation other than President Obama would be horribly embarrassed for the report to convey what we all know: Bergdahl deserted. And if that is the case, then Barack Obama released five senior members of the Taliban for a deserter — whom he and Susan Rice praised. All the while, those released Taliban barbarians are eyeing getting back to the battlefield while there are still American troops in harm’s way facing the enemy — unlike Bergdahl.

The lesson to be learned here is that the progressive socialist left embraces Bergdahl. In deserting he demonstrated — to them –honor and distinction because he refused to support his country. The contrast is clear. The liberal progressive left despised Chris Kyle — after all he was “going on killing sprees.”

Mark my word, no one is tracking the Bergdahl issue – as a matter of fact, is he still at Ft. Sam Houston in San Antonio? Army Secretary McHugh is too busy denigrating a brave Special Forces officer, stripping him of his medals and vaunted Special Forces Tab – I wonder if McHugh ever possessed the intestinal fortitude to earn that distinction, and he dares take it away. McHugh sits back in his ivory palace office and condemns an Army officer who faced and killed the enemy — 1LT Clint Lorance — but hides away the deserter.

What kind of Army leadership exists today?

I would hope the whole Bowe Bergdahl scandal is something masterminded by Valerie Jarrett, but there’s no excuse for Pentagon leadership to go along with this charade. I am sending this inquiry to Secretary McHugh and Army Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno — is your standard for transparency similar to that of President Obama and Hillary Clinton? Stop being a part of a cover-up and complicit in a scandal. Tell the American people where Bowe Bergdahl is and release the investigation report.

Unless the report is stored on Hillary Clinton’s private server.

And on that subject, I know many of you are enthralled with the Hillary Clinton email escapade — gotta tell you, she really blew it yesterday at that UN press conference thing. To say that she wrote all her State Department emails on her private email with its own private servers as a matter of convenience, well, that dawg don’t hunt. And the arrogance of officialdom was evident when she declared that she has complied with all requests and that her private server is basically off limits. Now, without a doubt the media is going into a frenzy because there’s much blood in the water — justifiably so — and they are on the attack. The funniest hypocrisy was the statement that she is not turning over her email because of personal exchanges between her and her husband. But Bill Clinton recently admitted he doesn’t use email and has only ever sent two. Yep, there’s blood in the water.

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