Why won’t Obama divulge any details of Iran deal?

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Whether you voted for him or not, do you think President Obama should enter into a “deal” with Iran without divulging any of the details or seeking approval of your elected representatives?

This isn’t a partisan issue and it’s very troubling that 47 U.S. senators sent a letter to the Iranian regime – but not a single Democrat enjoined with that effort. And yes, I do find it rather fascinating that Democrat Senator Robert Menendez, former chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee and an outspoken critic of President Obama, finds himself potentially being indicted on corruption charges. Perhaps the message has been received — stay in line or else — after all this does seem to be the Chicago way.

Ponder this: there is potentially damaging policy being pursued by the Obama administration with which, come January 2017, others will have to contend.

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If there’s one area where politics and campaign agendas should not prevail it is in the area of our national security. There is no real good side to entering into an agreement with the Iranians. And this is something with long-term ramifications for America long after Obama departs. What we fail to realize is that for Iran, time is of no concern. The Ayatollahs are unified in their objective and have been since the Jimmy Carter failure, which resulted in the return of the Islamic theocratic state and its ideology of death and supremacy.

Unfortunately, America does not have a unified national security strategy and therefore our pendulum swings back and forth, never finding equilibrium.

President Obama has threatened to veto any legislation renewing sanctions against Iran. He has threatened to veto any legislation requiring Congressional (Senate) approval of the Iranian deal. The question all of us must ask is simply why?

What is being hidden from the American people? It’s obviously something pretty critical, given President Obama’s response to Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech.

How do we persuade the Iranians to stop seeking a nuclear capability? We must continue to do what brought them to their knees: economic sanctions to delegitimize their regime. We should produce and consume our own energy resources, export to Europe and blockade any oil shipments attempting to depart from Iran. We should demand full disclosure of Iran’s facilities — including those located deep underground. We should support the opposition leadership that just recently had a major conference and rally in Germany — why wasn’t an Obama administration representative there? Oops, that’s right, Mayor Rudy Giuliani was attended.

There is no conceivable reason why President Obama wouldn’t want to keep the hammer ready to fall on Iran. There is even less credence for the president not to want to share these negotiations with the U.S. Senate and seek its approval. A borderline treaty is being offered, something the president cannot do unilaterally — then again, it seems that doesn’t deter him at all.

So is Barack Obama about to make a binding agreement with an Islamic terror-sponsoring regime that is holding Americans prisoner? Is it possible Obama will sign away the future of national security of not just America, but also Israel — and if so, why?

Obama chided the 47 GOP senators who sent a letter to the Iranian regime suggesting they undermined his authority. I wonder what he said when then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi traveled to Syria to meet with Bashar Assad during the Bush administration – there’s no difference, as the Bush administration requested Nancy Pelosi refrain.

There is no doubt Iran is an enemy of the United States. What is it that confuses President Obama about this fact?

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