As we risk losing constitutional governance forever, who will step forward to preserve our rule of law?

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I’ve spoken on this issue previously, and it is truly nonpartisan –even Georgetown Law Professor Jonathan Turley, has addressed this issue, as well as Alan Dershowitz.

The topic is regard for the rule of law — our Constitution — in America. As I write this, we are once again being treated with blatant disregard by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her four years of using private emails in her official duties — and I don’t mean supplementing her official email — this is sole usage of private email backed by a private server in her personal home.

So the folks at wanted to remind you of the disturbing actions being taken by our federal government:

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“The rule of law is in grave danger, as federal regulators use ever thinner legal pretexts to enable vast public policy changes without votes by our elected representatives. In a span of just seven days, the FCC declared the Internet a public utility, Congress acceded to DHS implementing executive amnesty, the president used a veto threat to protect the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) ambush elections rule, and the Supreme Court’s four liberals showed they are not just willing but enthusiastic to allow the IRS to ignore the plain language of Obamacare — King v Burwell case on federal healthcare subsidies. A great week for regulators, but a terrible week for everyone else.”

“The FCC order regulating the Internet was written by political operatives in the White House, is over 300 pages long and – even though it was approved on a party-line 3-to-2 vote on February 26 – has still not been released to the public.”

And in typical progressive socialist fashion — using intimidation and coercion as tactics – “liberal progressive pressure groups funded by $196 million from George Soros and the Ford Foundation, are launching a major effort to scare Congress – the legitimate legislative branch of the federal government – into sitting on their hands and not acting on the issue.”

Ok, let me just repeat that, George Soros — not the Koch Brothers – is funding groups to force the Congress not to act against the regulatory fiat issued by the FCC. Can you just imagine for one minute what would be happening in the liberal progressive media if this were a GOP executive branch?

And if you bring this to the attention of the public — well, that ol’ Saul Alinsky machine turns and takes aim at you. Let me make myself very clear, not a single liberal progressive will ever intimidate or coerce me. And that includes your Islamic fascist friends like CAIR.

This CNS piece left out the Obama executive action against AR-15 green tip ammunition — and I’m probably going to invest in an AR-15 myself. CNS also didn’t mention Obama’s consideration of using executive action to raise taxes – a complete violation of the Origination Clause — which we discussed here.

All of this reminds me of the words of political savant Gwyneth Paltrow who said we should just let the president do what he wants. And if that is the mentality of te rest of America — not just Hollywood liberals — then how long does our Republic have?

That’s why it is absolutely vital we have someone running for president in 2016 who will honor the oath and commitment to the Constitution and the rule of law. Someone who will reign in the executive bureaucratic state and reverse this very dangerous trend of the past six years — and we still have two to go.

Last year, the people arose and rejected the policies of President Obama and voted in a GOP House and Senate majority. But what did that majority do this past week? They voted to fund an illegal and unconstitutional action by President Obama as they funded the entire Department of Homeland Security. Why?

Was there such a fear of blame, even when they were standing on the side of the rule of law? Why were they incapable of communicating that they were not going to fund an unconstitutional decree? Could it be that the intimidation and coercion is effective against the GOP, even in a majority position?

Last year in December the GOP surrendered the greatest asset for their incoming majority – the “power of the purse” — with the CROMNIBUS bill. They promised to not fund the DHS line associated with the president’s unconstitutional executive action on immigration (if you need a reminder, Article I, Section 8, Clause 4 enumerates the power on naturalization to the Congress, not the president).

However, 73 House Republicans joined with the Democrats, while two-thirds of the GOP majority stayed committed, and the full DHS was funded, illegal immigration amnesty, et al. Even Speaker Boehner, third in line to the presidency, voted to fund this unconstitutional action. His vote was in violation of the “Hastert Rule” that advocates if two-thirds of the House GOP majority votes a certain direction, it is the direction of the House GOP Conference.

My point is, when there is no one standing up for the rule of law in Washington D.C. where do the American people turn? In whom can they trust to restore constitutional governance?

Well, needless to say, it won’t come from the progressive left — as we’ve seen over the past six years, certainly this week. As well, the question is, who in the GOP will take the mantle of being a fearless Constitutional Conservative? Who out there doesn’t fear the billions of George Soros and Tom Steyer?

The concluding paragraph to the CNS piece is very appropriate, and alarming:

“We are, if the American people don’t wake up and demand better, on the brink of losing our constitutional form of government forever in favor of a soft tyranny of federal regulators constrained only by elite opinion and quadrennial presidential elections.”

The progressive left knows, as the Middle East maxim states, with the camel nose under the tent, the rest of the body will follow. The American constitutional form of governance will not survive another progressive socialist presidential administration that rules by edict using coercion and taxation to advance its agenda of economic servitude and equality of outcomes.

We can never advance the policies of growth, opportunity, and promise if we suffer under the politics and tyranny of a governing philosophy that is antithetical to our fundamental system — which as Obama promised, is being fundamentally transformed.

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