More liberal lunacy: Climate change to blame for rise of ISIS

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Somehow missed by the mainstream media was a debate held in Mecca by the Muslim World League within days of the White House summit on Countering Violent Extremism.

As the Washington Times reported, “’Islam and Counterterrorism’” featured three days of influential speakers from a Saudi-backed alliance of Islamic NGOs.”

Their shocking conclusion?

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“The terrorism that we face within the Muslim Ummah and our own homelands today … is religiously motivated. It has been founded on extremism, and the misconception of some distorted Sharia concept,” Abdullah bin Abdelmohsin al-Turki, secretary-general of the Muslim World League, said, The Atlantic reported Friday.”

“Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university, al-Azhar in Egypt, said that violence was “strange to Islam,” but admitted that it was “the historical accumulations of extremism and militancy,” in the religion’s heritage that was “the most prominent” source of radicalization, The Atlantic reported.

What? “Historical accumulations of extremism and militancy?” This is the religion of peace we’re talking about.

But who cares? What does the Muslim World League know about Islam? How ridiculous for them to say terrorism is religiously motivated. I mean, really.

After all, terrorism expert Marie Harf assured us if those young ISIS bucks just had jobs, they’d stop their brutal slaughter.

But Daily Kos has perhaps the best theory so far: it’s the WEATHER.

As the Washington Times writes, “the website’s piece, “ISIS may have roots in climate change,” asserts that behind the beheadings and calls for jihad by the Sunni radical terror group, the real catalyst for its violence might be a four-year drought in Syria.”

Why of course, those ISIS jihadists aren’t blood-thirsty killers – they’re just THIRSTY.

“The Daily Kos linked to a recent Slate article that said “From 2006-2010, an unprecedented drought forced the country from a groundwater-intensive breadbasket of the region to a net food importer. Farmers abandoned their homes, school enrollment in some areas plummeted 80 percent, and flooded Syria’s cities, which were already struggling to sustain an influx of more than 1 million refugees from the conflict in neighboring Iraq. The Syrian government largely ignored these warning signs, helping sow discontent that ultimately spawned violent protests.”

The Daily Kos went on to blame all those climate change deniers – particularly in big business — for allowing this violent scourge to develop. You wanna have nightmares? Imagine Al Gore as president and the strategy he’d devise to “degrade” ISIS.

Ok then everyone. Make sure you bring your reusable shopping bags to Whole Foods, do your composting and reduce your carbon footprint NOW! We’re not just combatting climate change, we’re stopping jihad!

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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