Cojones: Egypt President el-Sisi closes 27,000 mosques to fight terrorism

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I found the response from President Obama and certain Democrat Members of Congress regarding Prime Minister’s Netanyahu speech to be rather, well, disparaging.

Talk about “political theater” — especially the antics of House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. However, I was actually less concerned about their response than the response from the Arab world — where some were asking Obama to listen to Netanyahu.

On several occasions we’ve highlighted the actions of the brave leader of Egypt, the world’s largest Arab nation, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, former Egyptian Army general. He’s taken on and removed the Muslim Brotherhood government of Mohammad Morsi — something that still draws the ire of President Barack Obama. He’s taken the fight to the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists in the Sinai. He delivered what was a seminal speech to Islamic clerics on New Year’s Day. And in the aftermath of the horrific beheadings of twenty-one Egyptian Coptic Christian men, he launched airstrikes against ISIS positions — even without requested U.S. intelligence support.

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You’ll recall Egypt declared Hamas an Islamic terrorist organization — contrary to the opinion of Nancy Pelosi who stated that Hamas was a humanitarian organization because the Qataris told her so.

Now, President el-Sisi has taken another brave step which will certainly earn him the dubious title of “Islamophobe” from the coexist crowd.

As reported by The Gateway Pundit, “The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowment shuttered 27,000 local mosques under the pretext of fighting terrorism.”

Al-Monitor reported: The Egyptian Ministry of Religious Endowment has shuttered 27,000 local places of worship under the pretext of fighting terrorism, while awarding 400 preaching permits to Salafists.

“An Egyptian administrative court on Feb. 18 upheld the Ministry of Religious Endowments’ decision issued in September 2013 to close down neighborhood places of worship of less than 80 square meters (861 square feet), a move intended to protect young people from the militancy and extremism that can prevail in such places, which lack the legal standing to hold Friday prayers. This move sets a precedent that raises many questions about the fate of mosques in many Egyptian villages, the grounds of which are usually less than 80 square meters. In reply, opponents of the decision such as the Salafist Nour Party claimed that closing down places of worship without providing a larger alternative serves to further bolster extremist ideology, considering that the larger existing mosques cannot accommodate Friday worshippers who line surrounding streets to pray. On the opposite end of the spectrum, supporters of the decision such as intellectuals and scholars say that those mosques are time bombs that threaten national security, as they fall outside the purview of the Ministry of Religious Endowments and are used to spread subversive ideologies.”

Clearly there are some in the largest Arab nation in the world, home of the Muslim Brotherhood, who understand the enemy and how it proliferates its vile, insidious ideology of hate and supremacy.

Perhaps we should have President el-Sisi address a joint session of Congress in order to help us realize that saying Islamic terrorism or jihadism is acceptable. We need a courageous leader who can enable us to understand how to confront and defeat the ideology of Islamic totalitarianism/fascism.

Maybe we need another former military leader — as Netanyahu was an IDF Airborne Commando — to explain that ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaida, Muslim Brotherhood, and all the rest don’t need jobs and opportunities. That we don’t need to empathize with them or be concerned about their grievances — sometimes it just plainly takes the strength and conviction of will to kill them and deny their ability to promulgate their thoughts and recruit.

President el-Sisi has little concern for the false gods of political correctness. He knows this enemy – it’s the same one that assassinated Egyptian President Anwar Sadat because he wanted peace with Israel. We have folks in positions of responsibility in America — sorry, just can’t refer to them as leaders — who will go to any length to dismiss the enemy. After all, that is truly the nexus of the angst and anger towards Prime Minister Netanyahu by way of a petulant reaction of faux umbrage against anyone who dares not accept the liberal progressive intellectual explanation of the enemy.

Consider how truly misplaced Obama’s foreign policy is in the Middle East. It was 12 years ago that our 4th Infantry Division captured and held the city of Tikrit. Today Iranian Revolutionary Guard Al Quds Force and Shiite militias are now there fighting against an entrenched ISIS force. Nope, you just cannot make this stuff up.

And yes, it does matter to those of us who served there with honor and distinction — unlike Bowe Bergdahl, Ms. Susan Rice — those who were severely injured, those who lost their friends and combat buddies, those families who will forever have an empty chair at the dinner table, those children who lost a mom or dad, those parents who buried their child.

Leaders don’t make deals with the enemy; they defeat them. Leaders find the snake pits of the enemy and root them out. Leaders respond immediately to the savage and barbaric actions of Islamic terrorists, they don’t enter into erudite discussions about moral equivalency and religious relativism. Leaders lead and not from behind — hat tip General President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi for being a leader and not an Islamapologist.

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