Exclusive: Black oppression being taught in Florida high school Earth science class [AUDIO]

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Our story yesterday about the “Die-In” at a North Carolina high school encouraged another parent to come forward with a public school horror story of leftist indoctrination, this time from Royal Palm Beach Community High in Florida.

Once again, this mother asked that she remain anonymous for fear of retribution – can I just stop and ask, what sort of a tyrannical society do we live in now that we have to live in fear of retribution for exposing the truth? Anyway, she’s a small business owner, and she doesn’t want to affect her business or of course put her son in harm’s way.

In her email to me she said, “Over the past several months my son had been complaining that (Ezekiel Edmonds) his science teacher wasn’t teaching science. I finally asked him for proof. My jaw dropped when I received the text from my son with a video recording.”

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This is from February 5th.

“My son’s science teacher does not teach science. Instead, Mr. Edmonds shows videos about black oppression. He discusses how white people hold black people down, and that blacks should stand up to this oppression. He stirs up racial divisiveness in the classroom. My son has been telling me this and I have not been listening. Now there is proof. My son made 3 videos.”

While recording the third video, the mother said her son was caught by Edmonds who made him delete it. During that class, Edmonds was discussing God, and telling the students why they shouldn’t believe in Him.

After hearing enough, the mother contacted her son’s guidance counselor who was unavailable. She was finally able to meet with one of the assistant principals who claimed she’d never heard of this teacher doing this and had received no complaints from the students or the parents.

The mother emailed me, “I’m sorry, but kids are not about to complain about a teacher to the administration if they know they might receive retribution in the form of a bad grade. And some kids are so impressionable, that they will believe anything a teacher says. She removed my son from the class and placed him in another science class. My response was, ‘That’s great for my son. But what about the rest of the kids in that class? Don’t they need to be taught science? Don’t they have to take all of these Common Core tests and pass them? How will this help them? This is an Earth Science Class…this teacher should be teaching Earth Science, not Black Studies. I checked the text book…there is nothing about black oppression in that science text book.’

She tried to make an appointment to meet with the principal but her calls were not returned, until she sent an email directly to the principal, letting him know she had a video he might be very interested in seeing. She said, “my son received word from one of his friends the week of my appointment that Mr. Edmonds was teaching how that the 9-11 terrorist attacks were not terrorist attacks but were orchestrated by the government. He still was not teaching science.”

And unfortunately, he’s still not.

At the meeting with the principal, the mother was told there’s nothing that can be done except “talking” to the teacher. The mother said her next step is to go to the school board.

She closed her email by saying, “When I listened to it, it made me sick to my stomach that a teacher is teaching this. And now, even worse, that he is allowed to continue teaching this.”

Parents must not sit idly by as children are being indoctrinated. Let’s keep exposing these stories, and making our voices heard with the school boards.

[This story was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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