Exclusive: Chapel Hill high school holds “die-In” with students and faculty [VIDEO]

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You just never know what lessons your children will be taught when you send them off to public school each day.

One mother in Chapel Hill, NC was surprised to get a text message from her 15-year-old son saying “Mom, you would not believe what’s going on at school. They’re having a “die-in.”

The tenth-grader was heading to lunch at the cafeteria one day during the week of January 19th with two of his friends when students and teachers started lying down in the foyer. At first he thought it was some sort of drill, but then he saw signs saying, “I can’t breathe” and “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot.”

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The teen’s mother told me her son felt if he didn’t participate, people might think he was racist – but having said that, his two friends were black and didn’t want to participate either, so they all went to play basketball instead.

The boy’s mother spoke to me on condition of anonymity. She’s a teacher herself – at a different school – but was still afraid of losing her job if she spoke out.

The teen’s mother felt parents should have been notified beforehand so they could have decided whether to have their children attend that day. She said the school has done that for other activities such as “Transgender Day” (WHAT?) when guest speakers were invited.

Two hours after the “die-in,” the school’s principal, Sulura Jackson, left a voicemail for parents, explaining that the protest had occurred and “the students’ voices were heard in a very peaceful manner.”

Principal Jackson does not specify what the voices were saying or to whom they were spoken, and considering it was apparently a silent protest, I’m not exactly sure how the voices were heard anyway.

The Chapel Hill student told his mother he didn’t know which particular class or teacher had organized the protest, but clearly it wasn’t spontaneous because signs had been prepared.

Principal Jackson did not respond to my email and phone requests for comment.

No surprise there.

Hat tip to Sean Hannity’s radio producer, Lauren Scirocco, for bringing this story to our attention.

[This story was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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