The other email problem: Clinton Foundation got millions from Middle Eastern countries while she was SecState

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The other fallout from Hillary’s little email problem is what it’s uncovering about the Clinton Foundation’s payola from foreign governments – while she was Secretary of State.

The Washington Post reports “The Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from seven foreign governments during Hillary Rodham Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, including one donation that violated its ethics agreement with the Obama administration.”

Algeria, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman are among the seven. By the way, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have also previously contributed.

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Ironically, one of the foundation’s programs, led by Hillary and Chelsea, seeks to improve the lives of women and girls.

I wonder how that’s working out? Saudi Arabia isn’t exactly the poster child for women’s rights.

The $500,000 donation from Algeria was questionable because it came while Clinton was secretary of state. Algeria made the donation ostensibly to assist with Haiti earthquake relief, but it came at a time when Algeria was spending heavily to lobby the State Department on human rights issues. Oops.

There’s no reason why Algeria couldn’t have simply donated directly to Haiti, but they just “happened” to be spending nearly half a million dollars on lobbying at the same time. Apparently Algeria has not donated to the foundation since.

In any event, as of 2014, the foundation had raised about two BILLION dollars. But it’s questionable whether the donors had truly charitable intentions.

The Washington Post says “Nearly half of the major donors who are backing Ready for Hillary, a group promoting her 2016 presidential bid, as well as nearly half of the bundlers from her 2008 campaign, have given at least $10,000 to the foundation, either on their own or through foundations or companies they run.”

“Many of the foundation’s biggest donors are foreigners who are legally barred from giving to U.S. political candidates. A third of foundation donors who have given more than $1 million are foreign governments or other entities based outside the United States, and foreign donors make up more than half of those who have given more than $5 million.”

You’d think that countries like the Dominican Republic might want to keep their pesos at home to combat those initiatives rather than contributing to the Clintons, but maybe they’re getting ready for Hillary too.

By the way, I served in Congressman West’s congressional office, so I also know a little something about “.gov” emails. I carried both my iPhone and the government-issued Blackberry. In order to access my government email account from a home computer, I was issued another small electronic key device which generated a rolling security code that had to be entered within a certain amount of time on the web log-in page. It was made very clear during the ethics training I attended what could and could not be discussed using the official email address.

Ethics training? Sure seems like Hillary managed to skip that, but I guess what difference, at this point, does it make?

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