Leftist political tactics hit new low with union mob protest at Scott Walker parents’ house

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If you want to see how despicable and low “politics” has descended in America, look no further than the attacks on Governor Scott Walker. As reported by The Daily Caller, “That fact that unions hate Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is well known…After storming the Wisconsin State House and countless events featuring Governor Walker, the angry mob of union protesters has reached a new low — protesting outside the home of the governor’s parents.”

“On President’s Day, union protesters stormed the sleepy neighborhood where Pat and Llewellyn Walker live, waving signs and yelling anti-Walker chants.”

If my parents were still alive and living at 651 Kennesaw Ave NE in Atlanta and leftist protesters were outside their home, well, I wouldn’t exactly be happy.

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What manner of people do this? What have we become in this nation where we can accept this type of subversive and abhorrent behavior? And this has happened before, such as protests at the home of the Kansas Secretary of State.

I suppose this is to be expected because after all one presidential candidate from Chicago encouraged his followers to get into the faces of the political opposition and punish their political opposition.

Now, let me clearly state I have no issue with protesters showing up at political offices or town hall meetings – that’s part of the right to free speech and to petition the government for redress of grievances. And even there, a certain decorum should be observed. But at anyone’s home, and their parents home is beyond the idea of freedom of expression.

So folks are going to say they were on a public street, fine, but I thought we were lectured about “civility in politics?” Ok, I get it; do as we say, not as we do. I for one do enjoy a spirited ideological and intellectual debate, although that’s hardly what I’ve personally witnessed or experienced — just shouting, yelling, and personal attacks.

How many of you out there stand with these union groups and agree with the tactics of protesting outside the home of Scott Walker’s parents?

I have an idea, would any of these “brave souls” be interested in protesting outside the offices of CAIR? Or how about conducting a protest on the behalf of expanding the Keystone XL Pipeline to get more Americans working and developing our energy independence? Or maybe would any of these protesters travel to Rhode Island and stand with the ROTC students at Brown University — ok, maybe that is too far. But would they go to Madison, Wisconsin and stand with the University of Wisconsin ROTC students to express their support? Hey, just asking.

What are we becoming as a nation? Heck, these folks are shouting outside the home of senior citizens but they’re silent when it comes to shouting against Islamic terrorism. Just sayin’…

One thing I will consistently call out is hypocrisy. Can you imagine if anyone on the “conservative right” called out a sitting governor for not having “smarts?”

Can you imagine what happens when those on the “conservative right” challenge someone’s educational background? Well, it seems to me that a Columbia and Harvard educated fella ain’t exactly blazing trails as the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Yet, the fella who is a successful governor, winning three elections in four years is looked upon with disdain – you just need to listen to the words of former Vermont Governor and presidential candidate, Dr. Howard “The Screamer” Dean.

And I thought the left was all about the “little guy”? What better story than an American who didn’t finish college going on to be a governor! You see, that’s the hypocrisy of the intellectual left which defines and determines what leadership should be — based on the institutions they feel are validated. Shall I remind you of Peter Mahklouf, the young fella at Brown University and his elitist statements concerning college ROTC?

This elitist definition of leadership emanates from the writings of a Frenchman named Jean Jacques Rousseau, as I discussed in my book, Guardian of the Republic. It’s just another example of the liberal progressive left embracing a belief in the “equality of outcomes” as opposed to the “equality of opportunity” where Scott Walker could grow up to be a governor not based on elitist standards but rather on his own personal drive, determination, initiative and expectations.

Having leftist outlets trying to create some conspiracy over his college years is to be expected of the Alinskyites — funny, I know someone whose college records are sealed, and it ain’t yours truly.

Governor Walker represents the American dream that says no matter where you come from — or your educational background — you can achieve success. It’s that story those protesters want to suppress, but they cannot.

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