ISIS attacks Iraq air base; 300 Marines could be trapped; Pentagon says no big deal

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If you are a student of ancient military history — or actually an action movie buff — you know the significance of the number 300. It is a number associated with a brave stand made by Spartan warriors led by their king, Leonidas. They stood against a numerically superior force but wrought much violence and death against the invading Persian Army of Xerxes, until they were betrayed. Could it be a modern day episode of the brave 300 playing out before our eyes?

In case you haven’t heard, unlike the characterization of President Obama on Wednesday, ISIS is not on the defense and their morale is certainly not low. ISIS has taken a western Iraqi town of al-Baghdadi not far from Ramadi. Nearby al-Baghdadi is an Iraqi base, al-Asad, where 300 Marines are training Iraqi forces.

And coming off the episode in Yemen where someone in the Obama administration ordered Marines to destroy their crew served and personal weapons — well, it seems the part of the traitor may have already been cast.

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Well, as reported by our friends at Liberty News and other outlets — funny, not too many MSM outlets addressing this — “This is a story with various reports flying from multiple directions and it’s hard to get a grasp on exactly what’s happening. What we know at the moment is that ISIS is claiming it has seized control of the al-Asad air base in the Ramadi area of Iraq. According to multiple twitter feeds the Iraqi army has lost contact with its people inside the base.”

This video was released purportedly by ISIS showing al-Baghdadi burning.

“From what we can tell the 300 Marines are on location to train Iraqi military. The Pentagon is pushing back on these initial reports about al-Asad. According to the Pentagon, ISIS is initiating attacks against the base, but the heaviest fighting is happening approximately 5-10 miles away in al-Baghdadi.”

However, “A Reuters report on the situation claims the heavy fighting in al-Baghdadi is much more significant than the Pentagon is letting be known. In fact, Reuters says al-Baghdadi is now under complete control of ISIS. The same report references claims from intelligence sources that say al-Asad has been attacked but so far the attack was unsuccessful.”

So what is known is that ISIS did attempt to breach the perimeter of al-Asad Base by using 8 jihadi fighters dressed in Iraqi Army uniforms — easy to come by, since early on the Iraqis discarded their uniforms and equipment in the initial ISIS onslaught in Northern Iraq.

The eight ISIS fighters were suicide bombers and were either killed or blew themselves up. But there is no debate that ISIS has been successful in seizing al-Baghdadi and from there they can launch an assault against the al-Asad base. What cannot be allowed to happen is for ISIS to seal off al-Asad from external support while using al-Baghdadi as an unimpeded staging area. So what guess what America?

There are 300 Marines with boots on the ground who are going to be engaged in ground combat operations — and knowing Marines, they’re not going to sit back on defense, they will go on offense. The Pentagon continues to maintain that the Marines are safe. For now.

So what should the commander-in-chief do to prevent what could be a catastrophic event? Well, he should order immediate close air support to reduce the ISIS threat in al-Baghdadi in order to relieve pressure on al-Asad base.

There should be a 24-hour combat air patrol (CAP) over the al-Baghdadi area that precludes any ISIS reinforcement. When the conditions are set, then a ground combat offensive must be launched to destroy every single ISIS member within a 50-mile radius of al-Baghdadi. Right now a real commander-in-chief would be meeting with the generals and have contingency plans drawn up for approval to facilitate execution within 24 hours — of course the immediate bombing of al-Baghdadi and CAP should already have been established.

We need to have true close air support platforms like F22 Raptors, AV-1B Harriers, and A-10s covering al-Asad and should be deploying available attack helicopters all under the control of the troops on the ground, the brave 300 Marines.

Ladies and gents, this could be one of our finest moments and a time when we send a clear message to ISIS that could begin a major counter-offensive to commence the defeat of ISIS.

Now, ask yourself as you have read this, will any of this happen?

And to those progressive socialists who think this can be done without troops on the ground — too doggone late, they’re already there. Will y’all willingly play the role of traitor to the brave 300?

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