Don’t mess with Texas: $10,000 Muhammad art and cartoon contest planned

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You might recall we wrote about the “Stand with the Prophet” Islamic conference held last month in Garland, Texas. One of the featured speakers was an unindicted co-conspirator of the 1993 WTC bombing. Imam Siraj Wahhaj has preached in favor of Sharia, as recently as 2007, saying, “Islam is better than democracy. Allah will cause his deen [Islam as a complete way of life], Islam to prevail over every kind of system, and you know what? It will happen.”

He may be getting his wish, but more on that a few paragraphs down.

In any event, Texans will be staging their own conference in support of free speech, on the same location where the January conference was held. Pamela Geller and her American Freedom Defense Initiative is planning a “Draw the Prophet” art and cartoon contest in Garland on May 3rd.

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As Breitbart reports, “the contest will take submissions online and the winner will be announced at the event in Garland. The winning cartoonist will receive a $10,000 prize. The exhibit will feature images of Islam’s prophet in both historical and contemporary settings. There will also be a series of speeches by internationally renowned free-speech advocates.”


“Geller says the art exhibit is the next logical step following AFDI’s Free Speech Rally in Garland which she staged on the day of the Islamic event. “This event will stand for free speech and show that Americans will not be cowed by violent Islamic intimidation,” she stated. “That is a crucial stand to take as Islamic assaults on the freedom of speech, our most fundamental freedom, are growing more insistent.”

If you’d like to enter the contest, email [email protected]

But there certainly is a lot brewing in Texas. In fact, a “voluntary” Islamic Tribunal has opened up shop in the Dallas metroplex. According to its website, “the Islamic Tribunal is a unique institution of its kind in the United States of America. It is the intention of erecting this institution in order to set a precedence (sic) that will be emulated and duplicated throughout the country.”

Ah, so it could be coming to a community near you as well!

The website says “Muslims here in America are obligated to find a way to solve conflicts and disputes according to the principles of Islamic Law and its legal heritage of fairness and justice in a manner that is reasonable and cost effective. These proceedings must be conducted in accordance with the law of the land; local, state and federal within the United States.”

Okaaaay, but it also says “stoning adulterers, cutting of the hands, polyandry [editor’s note: Really? Women having more than one husband? Am I missing something here?] and the like (all can be traced in the relevant literature and can be explained in their Islamic legal mentality and rational context in fairness and justice), are mainly a part of Islamic Criminal Law. In fact criminal law within Islam only makes up a fraction of the Shari’ah. It is unscholarly and unfair to generalize that type of understanding, that is Criminal Law, to compromise the whole of Islamic law if we stick to speaking in technical terms.”

Perhaps it is unfair, but correct me if I’m wrong, it doesn’t seem like the Tribunal is disputing that those punishments are part of Shari’ah.

Although one of the Islamic judges, Dr. Taher El-badawi, says it’s devoted only to “non-binding dispute resolution” when asked what he would do when Islamic law conflicted with American law, El-badawi said: “We follow Sharia law.”

We shall see how well everyone “coexists.”

[Note: this article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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