Marines ordered to destroy weapons while fleeing US embassy in Yemen; Obama broadcasts everything he’s not going to do against ISIS

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I remember watching cowboy and Indian movies when I was a little kid and the Indians would say something like, “White man speak with forked tongue.” Yesterday President Obama delivered another statement on his “strategy” for ISIS and all I could think about is “black man in White House speak with forked tongue.”

The analogy is with a snake (never a complement) and means to deliberately mislead – saying one thing, and meaning another. As Obama was delivering his weak message — which we heard back in August last year to which I responded here — there were individuals from his own administration contradicting his words.

President Obama said ISIS morale is low? Hmm, doesn’t seem that way to most of us. And just so you all know, there is only one time in U.S. military history when air power defeated an enemy. That was in the Pacific theater of operations when two bombs were dropped – on Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

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I recall countless bombings during the Vietnam War — Linebacker I and II – and I don’t think we defeated Ho Chi Minh, the Viet Cong, or the NVA. As a young captain during Desert Shield and Storm, I watched the skies as a real air armada and campaign was waged — I mean hundreds of sorties (flights) a day. But against ISIS we are averaging around six.

So Obama came out sounding tough and once again told the enemy what he was NOT going to do and what this is NOT going to be. And he also told the enemy that we’re just going to do this for three years — and then I guess we’ll just quit and go home. What a coincidence, Obama is only around for two more years.

Back in August we were told ISIS would be degraded, defeated, and destroyed — yeah, right. President Obama is “banning” any enduring offensive ground operations. What in the Sam Hill does that mean?

However, as Obama was speaking there was a revelation emanating out of Yemen — remember, that strategic success story – which is utterly disturbing.

As reported by the Business Insider, “Armed Houthi rebels in the Yemeni capital Sanaa seized US embassy vehicles after the ambassador and diplomats left the country on Wednesday, local members of embassy staff told Reuters.

“The employees said that more than 20 vehicles were taken by the fighters after the Americans departed from Sanaa’s airport. Yemen-based analyst Haykal Bafana tweeted that US personnel surrendered 30 vehicles to Houthi militants. CNN is reporting that Houthi militants took “all US Embassy vehicles” parked at Sanaa’s airport as US personnel left the country and confiscated weapons from departing US Marines. If this is true, then forbidding American embassy security to travel with their weapons represents a major breach of diplomatic protocol on the part of Houthi rebels, who are now one of the country’s dominant political forces after the fall of Yemen’s government last week.”

The updated report from the US Marine Corps is that the State Department ordered them to render their personal weapons inoperable while they destroyed the “crew served weapons” — in other words machine gun-type weapons. Also, these Marines were not evacuated on military aircraft such as the Osprey, which were right off shore. Instead they were flown out on private aircraft. This situation marks one of the most embarrassing episodes in US Marine Security Guard history. This is the same State Department that met with Muslim Brotherhood officials two weeks ago.

Ok, let me explain something, I served a three-year joint assignment with the Marines. Every Marine is an infantryman, a fighter, warrior first, and they are damned proud to tell you that is their distinction. For someone to order a Marine to render his weapon inoperable is unconscionable.

So we are to believe an Obama administration that orders Marine Embassy Security Guards to scurry out the back door is supposed to defeat ISIS? Do you know what the message must be across the jihadist websites and chat rooms right now? What an embarrassment, and just imagine how those Marines felt.

“CNN added that Embassy staff “destroyed weapons that were inside the embassy’s storage warehouses” along with “tens of thousands of documents.” This is hardly the first time that US equipment in the country may have fallen into the wrong hands. Earlier this month, an unnamed US defense official told The Guardian that the US had only a limited ability to perform end-use checks on the $400 million worth of equipment and other military aid Washington has sent to Yemen since 2006.”

So we now have another Islamic terrorist organization armed with American combat equipment — ISIS being the other.

Here’s a discomfiting thought: Iranian-backed Islamists control the capitol cities of Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, and are causing issues in Bahrain. We can expect another Hezbollah/Hamas style entity to gain strength, something that cannot please Saudi Arabia.

Business Insider writes, “Yemen is home to the al-Qaida branch considered most capable of attacking external targets and that took credit for the January attack on the satirical French newspaper Charlie Hebdo. And the Houthis are a Shi’ite militia movement allied with Iran. The absence of the US from Yemen during a time when a Tehran-backed group is consolidating power will hardly reassure American allies in the region, particularly Saudi Arabia. The Sanaa embassy is also reportedly the site of a CIA station whose capabilities might be curtailed now that its diplomatic cover has been lost.”

I wonder if the CIA covert operators were forced to destroy their weapons as well?

Does President Obama have any credibility to fight ISIS? That’s not for you to answer — I pose the question to our enemies, as they have the ultimate vote. And they are voting loudly. Just ask the families and friends of the four Americans who’ve been killed.

We are allowing evil to exist and persist. Sir Edmund Burke stated, “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” And no, Congressional authorization for Obama won’t do anything to change the evil of Islamic terrorism. Why? Because some inane liberal progressive socialist will make a foolhardy decision to make our Warriors lay down their weapons.

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