A laugh riot: 6 hilarious goals from Obama’s National Security Strategy

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A National Security Strategy is important because it is the driver for the development of the National Military Strategy. Back when I was a young Army major, I did my second Masters thesis while at the Staff College in Ft. Leavenworth on President Bill Clinton’s National Security Strategy entitled “Engagement and Enlargement” and used the theory of Immanuel Kant’s “Universal Cosmopolitan State” as a comparative platform to assess what would be the ramifications on the U.S. Army. Yep, I’m laughing because most of the progressive socialist trolls who frequent this site don’t have a doggone clue as to what I just said.

Anyway, fast forward to the present day, and in my email inbox the day before my birthday, was a gift from President Obama: “Fact Sheet: The 2015 National Security Strategy” from the White House Office of the Press Secretary.

Of course this coincided with the very disturbing speech delivered by National Security Advisor, Susan Rice, at the Brookings Institute last week in which she lectured us about the alarmist nature with which we are perceiving Islamic terrorism — oops, sorry, violent extremism.

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Mind you, this all happened after the release of the video showing the barbaric murder of the Jordanian combat pilot.

So, I’d like to share 6 particularly entertaining highlights of the National Security Strategy which, according to the Obama administration, “sets out the principles and priorities that describe how America will lead the world toward greater peace and new prosperity.” Yep, all that and a bag of chips.

1. I start with the statement, “We will lead with strength, harnessing a resurgent economy, increased energy security, and an unrivaled military, and the talent and diversity of the American people.”

First of all, limping along at 2.5 percent annual GDP growth is not exactly a resurgent economy. We’ve brought you the truth about the unemployment rate as explained by the CEO of Gallup. And if you haven’t noticed, the Obama administration has done everything to stymie our energy growth and security which has thrived regardless — but there has been a fifteen-day rise in gas prices, so the party may be over. And our military right now is squashed under the boot of an administration more concerned with social egalitarianism than preparedness.

2. Another statement I found absurd was, “We will lead with a long-term perspective, influencing the trajectory of major shifts in the security landscape today in order to secure our national interests in the future.”

Ok, let’s peel this onion back. President Obama didn’t make a long-term decision when he decided to withdraw all forces from Iraq. It was hardly a sound long-term statement just last year to refer to ISIS as the jayvee team — when they only had approximately 3,000 fighters, today ISIS is closer to 50,000 and several Americans have been beheaded and killed by this Islamic terrorist group.

Obama once commented to Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev that he would have “more flexibility after reelection” and we now see exactly what that politically-driven, short-term comment has produced for Ukraine…so much for greater peace.

3. Here’s another good one: “Maintaining a national defense that is the best trained, equipped, and led force in the world while honoring our promises to service members, veterans, and their families.”

Certainly President Obama is kidding on that one. We have a military force that is closer to pre-World War II capacity. We have an administration that issued ‘pink slips’ to our warrior combat leaders while they’re on the battlefield and imprisons others while embracing a deserter. And we just reported the defunding of the VA Choice Card Act by the Obama budget — so much for honoring promises.

4. However, this statement is one to remember for the ages: “Confronting the urgent crisis of climate change, including through national emissions reductions, international diplomacy, and our commitment to the Green Climate Fund.”

Now, I just want someone in the National Security Advisors office to explain to me how climate change is a more dangerous national security issue than a nuclear Iran?

Oh yeah, I forgot, this is the number one national security threat as articulated by Obama and Kerry.

5. This goes along with another statement: “Leading efforts to reduce extreme poverty, food insecurity, and preventable deaths with initiatives such as Feed the Future and the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.”

Again, what does food insecurity have to do with American national security? Do people insecure about their food really pose a potential danger and threat to the United States and our allies? Yes, I suppose if ISIS is insecure about their falafels or goat stew, it could just drive them to violence – in the name of Allah, no less. Amazing.

6. And here is the final statement I’d like to highlight: “Leading the international community to prevent and respond to human rights abuses and mass atrocities as well as gender-based violence and discrimination against LGBT persons.”

Hmm, so will we prevent and respond to the atrocities of ISIS as reported in a recent UN report? You know, such as crucifying Christian children and burying them alive? I suppose not, but maybe the administration can muster up some outrage about ISIS tossing gay men off tall buildings — we reported that here.

Now, I recommend you all review this summary in order to see just how out of touch the Obama administration is with understanding what national security strategy means. http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/02/06/fact-sheet-2015-national-security-strategy

One thing missing from this fact sheet was any mention of our debt — which former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Mullen stated was our greatest national security threat. I agree.

I will leave you with this and perhaps you’ll find occasion to laugh – if you’re not already crying. I just shook my head.

“Pursuing a stable Middle East and North Africa by countering terrorism, preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and reducing the underlying sources of conflict.”

Does anyone in the White House actually read this stuff before it goes out? If they do and send it out anyway, well, “Houston, we have a problem.”

The Middle East and North Africa are on fire with militant Islamists but then again, that hashtag campaign against Boko Haram was very intimidating.

It’s going to be a very long two years — and dangerous to boot. And to the detractors out there, I’ve presented economic, energy, and national security strategic vision statements on this website on several occasions. Of course you won’t read them, because they’re based on reality, and not the Fantasyland utopia the Obama administration wishes existed.

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