Despicable: After revoking his medals, Army wants to kick Special Forces Major Golsteyn out of the military

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Last week we reported on the travails of U.S. Army Special Forces officer, Major Matthew Golsteyn who has had his Silver Star with Valor device revoked and his upgrade recommendation for the Distinguished Service Cross rejected.

All of this is happening because of an Army investigation that has uncovered NO substantiated charges. Even worse, we now know Major Golsteyn has had his hard-earned Special Forces tab revoked. And again, the only explanation is that he “killed” a known enemy fighter and bomb maker in Afghanistan. If you need a refresher, here is the description of his actions as a Special Forces A Team Leader that earned him the stellar recognition.

Well, my Army has reached an even greater low.

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As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “Separations proceedings were initiated against Army Major Matt Golsteyn on the same day that Congressman Duncan Hunter (R., Calif.) published an article in the Daily Beast highlighting Golsteyn’s case, according to a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The letter,which you can read here, was signed by Hunter and addressed to Secretary of the Army John McHugh, stating the investigation into allegations of wrongdoing by Golsteyn began on November 29, 2011, and concluded on November 24, 2013, with no charges being pressed.

Hunter’s original article appeared on the Daily Beast‘s website on Tuesday, February 3, 2015. The Army initiated proceedings to eject Golsteyn from the military the same day, the letter states.”

So why is it that Secretary of the Army McHugh is seeking to destroy the life of Major Gostelyn? And let me be clear, I know the entire backstory. I find it unconscionable that the Army is seeking to decimate the life of MAJ Gostelyn without any evidence — yet in a case where it has conclusive evidence, cannot decide that Bowe Bergdahl deserted his unit in combat. Yes, I sense a very political rat.

You all remember the Army withholding exculpatory evidence in the cases of Army 1LT Michael Behenna and 1LT Clint Lorance? Rep. Hunter’s letter raises some interesting questions for Secretary McHugh, “about whether Golsteyn was offered appropriate due process in response to the decision to revoke his Silver Star made late last year, noting that, “denial of [Golsteyn’s] appeal appears not to have been reviewed by the appropriate authority–underscored by the fact that Matt was notified of his record change via a system generated e-mail on January 8, 2015.”

“Hunter goes on to ask McHugh to confirm that the appeal was reviewed by the appropriate authority and was not influenced by McHugh’s office. The letter also suggested that there had been “questionable actions” on the part of investigators during the course of the inquiry into Golsteyn, and offers to share information regarding those actions with McHugh’s office.”

What I find horribly disturbing about this episode is the coercion and offer of immunity to Golsteyn’s team members while there has been nothing to indict MAJ Golsteyn.

So without any firm evidence to initiate criminal charges, Golsteyn has faced exclusively administrative actions that offer little chance for self-defense, including the initiation of proceedings to eject him from the Army after thirteen years of service.

In other words, someone has made the unilateral decision to slowly bleed US Army Special Forces Major Matthew Golsteyn to death. The question is who is directing these punitive administration actions against this combat veteran Soldier? How can Matt defend himself against an enemy that is unseen, and attacks him from the back? I can’t think of anything more despicable than a nation which attacks one of its own.

Who cares about a dead Islamist terrorist? What we better care about is who will step up to defend this nation if this is how they are treated? Secretary McHugh, just think of the message YOU are sending — if you stand, fight, and kill the enemy you will be imprisoned or professionally destroyed by the Army. However, if you abandon your post, desert, and flee before the enemy you will be sheltered and rewarded.

Sir, when did our Army become so upside down? I think you need to explain yourself to the American people. If it is the Obama administration conducting undue command influence in these cases, tell us.

However, Secretary McHugh, if you and Chief of Staff General Ray Odierno remain silent, you will be considered complicit. The best course of action? Restore Major Golsteyn’s Special Forces tab, reinstate his Silver Star with Valor device, upgrade his actions to the Distinguished Service Cross, and cease any separation proceedings against this Soldier.

The American people are getting tired of this, and more parents are unwilling to submit their sons and daughters to this insanity.

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