Debbie and Sheila go glammy with Grammy

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I didn’t watch the Grammy awards this year, and I forgot to set my DVR. From what I’ve read, it was a pretty dour affair this year anyway, with the possible exception of Madonna’s fishnet-clad tush flash on the red carpet.

However, some keen-eyed viewers who did watch the show spotted Democrat Representatives Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Sheila Jackson Lee ,“inequality queens living it up at the Grammy Awards,” (according to our friends at on the red carpet.

Now, I have to say I don’t personally care what Debbie or Sheila do in their personal time, or on their own dime. But yes, they do join the pantheon of “limousine liberals” who condemn material success out of one side of their mouths while using the other side to blow air kisses on the cheeks of the fabulously wealthy upon whom they depend for campaign donations.

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However, what I did find particularly amusing about the whole thing – and frankly is the reason I didn’t bother watching the show this year – is the comment made by Wasserman Schultz’s press secretary, Sean Bartlett, who said she was at the Grammys “attending a political event.”

I’ll say! The show is supposed to be about celebrating music and talent, but every year these awards show become more and more a showcase for the Left’s agenda du jour.

This year it was apparently Michael Brown’s untimely demise, as evidenced by the carefully choreographed “hands up” gesture included in the performance of the normally “Happy” Pharell Williams, whose dancers also wore deeply symbolic hoodies.


And actor/rapper Common.


And Beyonce.


But for the most ironic political moment of the evening, there’s this message from you-know-who about the terrible epidemic of physical violence against women and girls.

I had to laugh when he said “tonight we celebrate artists whose music and message helps shape our culture.”

You mean the way our culture as been shaped by artists like “heavy hitter” Chris Brown (who by the way was nominated), or Beyonce, who sings:

“Graining on that wood, graining, graining on that wood
I’m swerving on that, swerving, swerving on that big body”

Or her husband Jay Z who sings,

“Foreplay in the foyer, f****d up my Warhol
Slip the panties right to the side
Ain’t got the time to take draws off, on site
Catch a charge I might, beat the box up like Mike”

Or Madonna, who at the age of 56 is still grinding on stage with shirtless men dressed as bulls.

Yes Mr. President, the Grammys “celebrate” those types of artists who shape our culture, just that way.

Maybe the first step is to stop celebrating that type of culture.

[This article was written by Michele Hickford, Editor-in-Chief]

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