Unbelievable: US State Department funding anti-Netanyahu campaign

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So House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has given Democrats an out for not attending Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech next month before Congress — their schedules are just too busy and they may have work to do. Riiiight!

But then again, what do you expect, since President Obama has already stated he will not meet with Netanyahu. And one of three House Democrats who has already stated he will not attend the briefing is famed civil rights icon, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. Funny, how many Jewish people marched with John Lewis during the civil rights movement down South? Ah, the hypocrisy is laughable, but could only emanate from the liberal progressive socialists.

We hear Obama didn’t want to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu due to the proximity of the Israeli elections, and he didn’t want to seem like an influencer — yeah, riiiight.

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We already reported how a U.S.-funded group has dispatched a campaign hit squad, including Obama’s former field director, to take out Netanyahu.

And now there’s even more.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, “A coalition of U.S.-funded progressive groups has planned a massive get-out-the-vote effort to influence the Israeli elections, targeting communities that are most likely to vote against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his right-leaning Likud Party, according to a confidential strategy memo.”

“The U.S.-based 501(c)(3) group Ameinu sent out the fundraising proposal for the campaign to American donors on Dec. 17, 2014. The $3 million initiative is described in the document as “a massive, non-partisan Get Out The Vote (GOTV) campaign targeting selected demographic and geographic segments of Israeli society.” The targeted groups listed in the memo—young secular Israelis, low-income secular Jews, and Arab Israelis—are communities that traditionally oppose right-leaning parties such as Likud.”

Now, ain’t that a daisy?

Why would progressive groups be in Israel to undermine Netanyahu? Y’all know we would go nuts if some foreign country sent operatives to sway an election in the United States. Well, welcome to the vindictive world of the Saul Alinskyites. And remember that Obama minions did hint that if Netanyahu accepted the offer to speak and address a joint session of Congress, there would be consequences.

The Free Beacon writes, “The Arab Israeli community in particular is expected to play a larger role than usual in Israel’s March elections. The four major parties that represent Arab Israelis merged in January, a move that could make it easier for the left-leaning Labor Party to form a government. American involvement in the Israeli elections came under scrutiny last week, after it was reported that the U.S. group OneVoice and Obama’s 2012 reelection team were assisting the V15 campaign to oust Netanyahu. OneVoice said its involvement is nonpartisan and that it is solely trying to increase voter participation. However, the fundraising proposal by Ameinu indicates that the effort extends far beyond V15 and OneVoice.”

So let me get this straight. The progressive socialist left is seeking to undermine the leadership of our best ally in the Middle East? And I suppose the Jewish-American community is just down with that? What is the position of AIPAC, the American Israeli Political Action Committee? Is this what the left defines as supporting Israel?

And how about the DNC Chairman, Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, where is her condemnation? Then again, we all know of her J-Street approval so this is probably just fine with her — after all, party trumps faith. Consider the vehement reaction of Obama to any possible restoration of sanctions against Iran — oh yeah, is that not the birthplace of our modern day “Rasputin,” Valerie Jarrett? Yet, who in the Obama White House inner circle is advocating for Israel? Crickets.

Now, here is the interesting part and boy, do I love it when journalists do their job and get secret memos, “The Ameinu memo noted that it is in contact with experts from Obama’s reelection team, which was involved in “similar” operations. “We are already in touch with a highly talented combination of knowledgeable Israeli professionals and American experts with experience in similar recent operations, including the Obama presidential campaign,” said the proposal. The campaign would include bi-weekly polling, messaging, an advertising effort, grassroots outreach, and an operation to bring targeted voters to the polls on Election Day. The Israeli group Givat Haviva, which has received State Department funding, was tapped to lead the get-out-the-vote effort in the Arab Israeli community, according to the memo.”

So not only is our venerable U.S. State Department meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood (and lying about it) – they’re also using our taxpayer dollars to fund leftist progressive groups in Israel to undermine and influence the election. Folks, you just cannot make this stuff up.

“Ameinu president Kenneth Bob told the Free Beacon that his group was involved in sending out appeals to U.S. donors regarding the initiative, and he said on-the-ground efforts began in mid-January. He called the fundraising memo an “overview document” and said there have been other drafts since December, when Bob emailed it out to donors. He stressed that the campaign was nonpartisan. “I’m sure you know that in the Arab sector, the Likud also gets votes, they have strong pockets of support,” said Bob. “I’m very comfortable with this as a nonpartisan effort.”

Yeah, right there Bob.

Well, I remember how former U.S. Congressman Robert Wexler paraded Barack Obama around in South Florida to all the Jewish synagogues and the Jewish community just lauded Obama and fell all over themselves. Just gotta ask them now, still feel the same way?

By the way, if you haven’t seen it, here’s a great campaign ad Netanyahu is running for Likud.

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