Where’s George Clooney now? Darfur turning into Islamist breeding ground.

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Remember the rallying cry, “Save Darfur”? I know that’s so 2006. Well, most folks have little memory of the Arab government in Khartoum conducting genocide against the non-Arabs in the region — mostly black. And the episode continues to this day but with a new twist.

As reported by Reuters, “United Nations experts warned that Sudan’s remote western territories could become a breeding ground for radical Islamists as violence in the country’s conflict-torn Darfur region rages at an alarming level.”

“Darfur has been embroiled in conflict since mainly non-Arab tribes took up arms in 2003 against the Arab-led government in Khartoum, accusing it of discrimination. The United Nations says as many as 300,000 have died and millions more displaced by the conflict.”

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“The effects of this have resulted in 3,324 villages being destroyed in Darfur over the five-month period surveyed by the Darfur Regional Authority, from December 2013 to April 2014, the report said.”

I know, many of you are saying I have enough going on in my own life than to care about what’s happening in Darfur. Well, it just goes to show how these popular t-shirt and hashtag campaigns end up being nothing more than empty slogans.

I’m not advocating being a global police force, but what does concern me is the growing number of regional instabilities, which become training grounds for Islamic terrorists. In the course of history, small regional conflicts often become the preparation grounds for future larger combat engagements – just study the Spanish Civil War as a prelude to World War II. Or how the French Indochina War was the precursor to the Vietnam War.

“The experts said the security environment across Libya, the Sahel and the Middle East had deteriorated due to “radical Islamist agitation” and raised concerns about statements from Sudan that the government has supported Libyan rebels — meaning the Islamists supported by the Obama administration.

“The panel finds that Darfur could be ‘potentially fertile ground’ for infiltration by radical Islamists, owing to its porous borders and the cross-border family solidarity between Sudanese tribes and their African ‘cousins’ of Arab descent in the Central African Republic, Libya, Mali and the Niger,” it said, adding that it was not yet able to quantify that threat.”

Here is the worst-case scenario. What happens when Boko Haram moves east to link up with Islamists operating in East Africa, who extend west into Central Africa? And they’re then joined by Islamists from the north in the Maghreb?

Yep, you have the perfect jihadi storm that could extend across the Maghreb into sub-Saharan Africa and over to East Africa. And the enemy knows they have a finite amount of time because the Obama administration has no clear and definitive policy in the face of the rise of Islamic terrorism and totalitarianism – as a matter of fact they don’t even recognize this threat.

I wish I were totally wrong, but to this point it seems not the case. AQI has reconstituted as ISIS and al-Qaida has regained the initiative as evidenced in Yemen. And those are just the Sunni jihadists, as we’ve seen Iranian supported groups like the Houthis, Hezbollah and even Hamas gain strength.

There is a global Islamic jihadist movement we are failing to combat. And for those of you who believe you have other concerns — this enemy is different in that their goals are not just regional, like the Viet Cong.

No, I’m not a fear monger, just a realist — and I am concerned, not worried. I know we will defeat this modern day Islamic jihad. Right now it doesn’t seem possible, but I know the resolve of Americans. We just need the leadership that inspires us to greatness. And it is time to cease the slogans.

“Sudan said in November it had asked UNAMID (United Nations -African Union Mission in Darfur) to prepare an exit plan after denying peacekeepers permission to re-visit the site of alleged mass rapes by Sudanese soldiers in the Darfur village of Tabit. The experts said sexual and gender-based violence in Darfur “continue(d) unabated since 2013.”

Peacekeepers? The best kind of peacekeeper is the type that doesn’t ask permission.

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