Obama video against Alaska drilling filmed in fuel-guzzling Air Force One [VIDEO]

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A major contributor to our economic recovery — and it is a very tenuous one — is the development of our oil and natural gas production. Living out here in Texas now, I hear lots about it, but as y’all probably know, it’s mostly been done on state and private lands.

However, when you hear President Obama talk about oil, it’s because of his policies that gas prices are down. But we all know that’s not the case, as the progressive socialist left and billionaire activists like Tom Steyer have done everything it can to deny the expansion of drilling and encouraging our energy independence.

So the latest scheme from the Obama administration regarding American energy independence is unnerving — but expected, and as usual hypocritical.

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As reported by USA Today, “President Obama plans to ask Congress to designate more than 12 million acres of Alaska’s wildlife refuge as a protected wilderness area, seeking to block oil and gas production. Alaska’s Republican lawmakers immediately criticized the plan, saying it would damage their state’s economy.”

But here’s the best part. Obama went to the trouble to release an anti-drilling video on Sunday which, according to Breitbart, “was shot aboard Air Force One–an aircraft that has a 53,611 gallon fuel capacity.” That fuel had to start out in a drill somewhere, right? On Saturday, Obama flew Air Force One more than 8,000 miles to India to discuss global warming and other issues.

In the video, Obama said he wants to “make sure that this amazing wonder is preserved for future generations. Currently, more than 7 million acres of the more than 19.8 million-acre refuge are managed as wilderness, pursuant to a 1980 law, the Interior Department said. They are requesting that another 12.28 acres — including the coastal plain — also receive the wilderness designation.”

Yeah, right, and I have some really great farmland located just west of Palm Beach Gardens Florida. What everyone needs to understand is that a federal declaration of “wilderness” means you’ll be hard pressed to e,ven ride a bicycle in the area. But this is nothing new. We’ve already reported on the federal government overtaking more lands in western states and also expanding the endangered species list — gotta protect the prairie chicken— in order to seal off lands to Americans and especially any energy exploration.

“Much of the dispute revolves around some 1.5 million acres on the oil-rich coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, long a source of contention between conservationists and backers of the energy industry. Alaska’s Republican lawmakers denounced the Obama administration’s plan as a threat to their state’s economy, and the nation’s energy production.”

This is just another case of Big Brother knowing what’s best and not caring about that pesky thing called “federalism” — you know, where the states have powers? I just have to ask, does anyone think President Obama will vacation in ANWR? And apparently Elk herds have increased along the pipeline areas where they hang out and find warmth.

Guess what Alaska’s elected representatives have to say about the matter?

“It’s clear this administration does not care about us, and sees us as nothing but a territory,” said Sen. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, who chairs the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee. “The promises made to us at statehood, and since then, mean absolutely nothing to them.” Newly elected Sen. Dan Sullivan, R-Alaska, said the administration’s plan puts “energy security in serious jeopardy.” He said “we will defeat their lawless attempt to designate ANWR as a wilderness, as well as their ultimate goal of making Alaska one big national park.”

Once again, we have to understand how such a designation would come into existence — it requires Congressional action, and we all know who controls the House and Senate now.

So here we have another example of Obama not conceding the midterm election loss. Of course this will endear him to the environmental leftists who “praised the administration’s request. Rhea Suh, president of the Natural Resources Defense Council, called it “the best news for the refuge since President Eisenhower established it in 1960 as the Arctic National Wildlife Range.”

Obama might not even have to wait for Congressional designation — which wouldn’t happen anyway. “Some Alaska officials pointed out that the Interior Department would immediately begin managing the coastal plain on ANWR, making oil and gas production all but impossible.”

And just like the Keystone XL Pipeline has nothing to do with American energy production — so says the left — they say the same about ANWR. “John Podesta, counselor to President Obama, and Mike Boots, the acting chair of the Council on Environmental Quality, said in a White House website blog post that the area “sustains the most diverse array of wildlife in the entire Arctic.” It includes the porcupine caribou, polar bears, gray wolves, muskoxen, and bird species that migrate to the nation’s 49 other states. In arguing against oil and gas drilling in ANWR, Podesta and Boots cited the recent spike in U.S. oil production overall, and said Arctic refuge is too special “to put at risk” through oil and natural gas spills. Drilling for oil on the coastal plain is “a move that could irreparably damage this ecological treasure and harm the Alaska Native communities who still depend on the caribou for subsistence, the two Obama officials said.”

Well, you just have to hand it to the left, they really know how to tug at the heart. I wonder if they’d put wind turbines up there in ANWR? It’s interesting that Obama and the left want to take credit for something they vehemently fight against — American energy independence. Our energy security is a vital bridge between our economic and national security…and to me, that’s more important to future generations than a porcupine caribou.

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