After tacitly condoning Ferguson looting, activists now upset about video showing actual looting [VIDEO]

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Recently released by local police in Missouri, this surveillance video shows an astonishing use of force by young looters, taking out their frustrations on a market in the city of Dellwood near Ferguson in November after the Grand Jury declined to indict Officer Darren Wilson.

After unsuccessfully breaking down the door, they simply take down the adjacent wall, and the phalanx of looters streams inside.

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Police said they released the video in the hope that citizens might help investigators identify the more than 180 looters who vandalized the building.

However, despite fanning the flames of violence and looting, Eric Holder’s Department of Justice Civil Rights Division is unlikely to bring charges against Officer Darren Wilson after conducting a thorough investigation into the claim that he had violated Michael Brown’s civil rights.

As Hot Air reports, “this comes after Attorney General Eric Holder traveled to Missouri and told anguished local residents that he believed racial antipathy played a role in the drama that played out in that town last year.”

“The investigation into Wilson is slated to come to an end in the spring, and Holder will likely reveal that the Feds found no evidence sufficient to charge Wilson with a civil rights crime before he leaves his post. It will be a familiar scene. Activists were deeply wounded when the DOJ failed to find sufficient evidence to charge George Zimmerman with having violated Trayvon Martin’s civil rights or even that he harbored racially insensitive sentiments.”

In both of these high profile, supposed examples of racially motivated violence against black men, activists simply can’t handle the truth.

But activists would prefer the particular truth in this video stayed hidden.

About the release of the video, Atlanta Black Star columnist Nick Chiles wrote “It’s a dramatic illustration of law enforcement attempting to subvert the emerging narrative of black youth energized and engaged, flooding the streets of this country in demonstrative displays of their anger.”

Black youth energized and engaged is a great thing. But abject lawlessness does nothing to help the cause, battle prejudice or engender sympathy.
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