SOTU so fake: Obama forgot to mention woman he showcased is former campaign staffer [VIDEO]

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Having experienced the State of the Union Address in Washington D.C. I can attest that it is quite the production. Of course the jockeying for prized seats right along the aisle entering the House chamber starts really early — you can always count on Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Tx) being right there — gotta get that camera shot.

The first SOTU address I attended was the infamous “date night” when the Democrats, who had just lost the House majority and didn’t want a solid GOP majority to appear on TV, came up with this wacky idea of sitting together. Again, it had nothing to do with bipartisanship, just the optics of having Democrats standing and clapping all over the House chamber. They didn’t want Obama to have to face a solid GOP majority.

The other thing about the SOTU was TV camera awareness – they’re all over the place, and you never know which one could be honing in on you. My secret was to find a seat all the way in the back, close to the corner — in what we call in the military, the defilade position. Yes, interesting memories of what has become nothing but a political grandstanding event — not a policy vision declaration that sets the legislative focus for the year.

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Well, there’s a pretty interesting story coming out of Tuesday night’s SOTU that is a testimony to the theatrics of the evening.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The woman whose story of economic recovery was showcased by President Barack Obama in his State of the Union address is a former Democratic campaign staffer and has been used by Obama for political events in the past.”

“Rebekah Erler has been presented by the White House as a woman who was discovered by the president after she wrote to him last March about her economic hardships. She was showcased in the speech as proof that middle class Americans are coming forward to say that Obama’s policies are working. Unmentioned in the White House bio of Erler is that she is a former Democratic campaign operative, working as a field organizer for Sen. Patty Murray (D., Wash.).”

This also wasn’t the first time the White House used the former Democratic campaign staffer as a political prop. Obama spent a “day in the life” of Erler in June so that he could have “an opportunity to communicate directly with the people he’s working for every day.” Reuters revealed Erler’s Democratic affiliations following that June event, and the Minnesota Republican Party attacked Obama for being “so out of touch with reality that he thinks a former Democrat campaign staffer speaks for every Minnesotan.”

It all reminds me of the movie, “The Matrix” — are we living in the real world or one manufactured to deceive us — and our existence?

Now, you just have to ask, why did the Obama administration need to create yet another unnecessary suspect narrative? Did they truly think no one checks folks out and their background? Or did they just think we were dumb enough to not notice — or not care?

Obama used Erler as an example that the economy is getting better. Here’s the part of Obama’s speech regarding Erler. Her political work goes unmentioned.

So. let’s ask this question of President Obama — if the economy is getting so much better, why did you need a former Democrat campaign staffer as a resizable political prop?

Many Americans – perhaps the 90 percent who didn’t watch the president’s speech — enjoy living in the “Matrix” and will never take the blue pill that will free them from the computer-generated world of complete pleasure and ecstasy. You know, the world where you’re told, “the shadow of crisis has passed and the state of the union is strong.”

So as Obama traipses across the country once again on his perpetual campaign we all must ponder — how many more gimmicks shall there be? How many more Pinocchios, deceit, lies, and optical illusions before we all decide it’s time for the blue pill?

I wholeheartedly accept that there will always be some who want to stay hooked up, and when given the choice, will take the red pill refusing to come into the real world.

But one day, those folks will be forced to realize the computer-generated euphoric facade will crash. They will personally crash when they realize their senses and ability to think has gone into a deep state of atrophy.

Those of us who have escaped the Matrix will never go back. We will not allow Mr. Smith to destroy us, nor the sentinels (the complicit media). But, we know that the truth doesn’t need a suspect narrative, optics or political props.

Sadly, President Obama and his ilk realize, just as with the deception of Catherine the Great and the Potemkin Village, they need the distraction to hide the truth.

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