Obama to go on offense in State of the Union. Anybody else find that offensive?

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I must admit, President Obama is displaying an incredible amount of bravado. Who else in the wake of such a devastating midterm election debacle would state he’s going on offense?

The only thing I can compare this to would be the bravado of General George Pickett who led a valiant charge against the Union lines on the third day at Gettysburg. Pickett also went on offense — but his efforts failed miserably. And so it will be for President Obama tonight.

As reported by Fox News, “From calls for more infrastructure spending to a free community college push to another tax hike scheme, the highlight reel from President Obama’s looming State of the Union address shows him charging into his final two years in office with little heed for the results of the midterms.

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The Republican takeover of the Senate last November — and the party’s historic gains in the House — for a short time fueled speculation that the president might entertain a more conciliatory approach with Congress. But within weeks, the president announced sweeping changes to immigration policy via executive action. Then, he vowed to veto a slew of bills from the new Congress, including one to undo those executive actions. And now, his State of the Union address leaves little doubt that Obama, as he told Senate Democrats last week, plans to play “offense” against the GOP-led Congress.”

“The latest plank of his 2015 agenda was unveiled Saturday night, and calls for more than $300 billion in new tax increases over the next 10 years, to pay for middle class tax credits and his community college plan, among other programs.”

You just have to ask, is President Obama tone deaf to the message sent on November 4, 2014? Then again, Obama did say he heard the voices of those folks who did not vote.

Some say Obama’s approval ratings are heading back up – maybe because of lower gas prices. Well, that has occurred despite the president’s efforts, not because of them. Furthermore, the gas prices may be going down, but we’re seeing a slowdown in our oil and gas production resulting in job cuts in the one industry that has pretty much been the engine of any economic growth.

So, here we are, going right back to the tax and spend policies and failed proposal of taxing the rich — under the guise of getting something “free.” This signals Obama’s inability to realize that capital growth stimulates an economy, not this misplaced sense of benevolence that supports the ideal of “equality of outcomes.”

American seniors who’ve saved and invested all their lives are going to be punished by Obama’s increased capital gains and dividends taxes.

And imagine what happens to our farmers who work hard to pass on to the next generation the fruits of their labor — heck, what about the inheritance that Angela and I hope to pass on to Aubrey and Austen?

So let me ask all of you progressive socialists a simple question — what is the motivation in Obamaworld to work hard and succeed? Why seek out excellence when it will just be taken away and redistributed based on someone’s misguided principles — or lack thereof?

What happened to our unalienable right to the “pursuit of happiness?” Has it been completely replaced by this warped government guarantee of happiness?

Tonight’s State of the Union address reflects a very appropriate quote from Abraham Lincoln, April 18, 1864,

“The world has never had a good definition of liberty, and the American people, just now, are much in need of one. We all declare for liberty; but in using the same word we do not all mean the same thing. With some the word liberty may mean for each man to do as he pleases with himself, and the product of his labor; while with others the same word may mean for some men to do as they please with other men, and the product of other men’s labor. Here are two, not only different, but incompatible things, called by the same name — liberty. And it follows that each of the things is, by the respective parties, called by two different and incompatible names — liberty and tyranny.”

Ask yourself, what definition of liberty does President Obama embrace — actually which of the two different and incompatible names does he represent?

I’ve heard Barack Obama state you should never bet against the American people — well, this is exactly what he’s doing. Instead of trusting the indomitable American entrepreneurial spirit to restore this economy through individual investment, ingenuity, and innovation, Obama sends the message that only his vision of wealth redistribution can provide a way forward for our Republic.

So far the numbers tell the story — Americans might not mind tax increases if they believed the purpose was right and true. We continue to see our debt rise. We have some 92 million Americans who have departed the workforce. The top one percent pay 38 percent of taxes. The top five percent pay 59 percent of taxes. The top 10 percent of income earners in America pay 70 percent of all taxes — so what is “fair?” And who is the keeper of the definition of “fairness” — President Obama?

Shall we hear about protecting the American people from militant Islam tonight? Probably not, but one thing for certain, we shall see President Obama mount a charge that will seem valiant to the progressive socialist base — but it is tantamount to failure for these great United States of America.

Always remember, there are no “classes” in America. There are income levels and the exceptionalism of America is that we can rise above the station or level in which we were born — and you can also fall from the station in which you were born. That is the beauty of our nation, the equality of opportunity promised to us all — not the false guarantee of outcomes which in essence punishes us all.

Sir Winston Churchill said it best, “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.”

That is what Barack Obama is offering — don’t accept it.

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