This is why we’re losing: UK won’t kick out convicted terror leader because of Human Rights Act

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As we reported here, UK Prime Minister David Cameron has contacted our U.S. senators advising them not to vote for restoring crippling sanctions against Iran. I reviewed recent history to find a similar case — with little success. I wish someone would give a little advice to Prime Minister Cameron that our foreign policy isn’t exactly a place for his influence. Maybe the good British PM should pay attention to what’s happening in his own country.

As reported by the UK Telegraph, “A convicted al-Qaida terror fundraiser with links to the Paris attacks is residing in the UK after using the Human Rights Act to prevent his deportation back to his native Algeria”

“Baghdad Meziane, who was jailed for 11 years in 2003 for running a terror support network, has successfully staved off Home Office attempts to deport him – despite the Government’s repeated insistence that he constitutes “a danger to the community of the United Kingdom.”

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Meziane was a close associate of Djamel Beghal, a convicted terrorist who mentored two of the Paris attackers while they were in jail together. The pair lived close to each other in Leicester and Meziane, 49, once supplied Beghal with a false passport allowing him to travel to an al-Qaeda training camp in Afghanistan. The Home Office has attempted to remove Meziane, a father of two children born in the UK, for almost six years following his release from jail in 2009. However, it has been thwarted by Meziane’s claim that his deportation would breach his human right to a family life and that he might face torture if sent home.”

Folks, this is why we’re not going to be able to win this fight against Islamo-fascism, Islamic terrorism, and jihadism — we ain’t got the stomach, the intestinal fortitude.

How is it that a “Human Rights Act” could be used by a convicted and imprisoned jihadist fundraiser? What about the human rights of the victims of the actions he sought to fund?

I repeat, what in God’s holy name is going on, Mr. Cameron? Of course, we in America must ask the same of our own President Obama who is releasing terrorists back onto the battlefield. And of course the two of “youz guys” want us to go easy on Iran. Is there something in the tea you’re both drinking? Lay off the fruit-flavored stuff and go back to the Earl Grey.

Seriously, can someone explain to me this situation? Why should we be concerned with the family situation of a known al-Qaida terror fundraiser? What care do Islamic terrorists have for the families of those they kill? And here we are facing an issue with his deportation?

You see, this is why I’m concerned with giving ID cards to illegals here in the United States. And remember it was the progressive socialist left who went apoplectic when I advanced the idea that any Imam, Cleric, or Mullah — anyone found supporting an Islamic jihadist in America should be deported.

Ok, so what do all of you leftists have to say in this case? What should the policy be? Do we just allow the Islamic jihadists safe haven in our countries to plot and plan our destruction — and then invoke our laws to their benefit? This is what I term ill-conceived benevolence — like the insidious argument of one Josh Earnest proclaiming that GITMO is the impetus behind Islamic terrorist attacks, hence why it needs to be closed.

So just how do the Obama and apparently Cameron administrations fight the Islamic jihad and protect us? They are very good at the talk and rhetoric but instances such as this erodes any potential confidence we should have in them. Sure seems Obama and Cameron are making it easier for the Islamic jihadists to attack us, We have sheep trying to protect us from the wolves.

“There is now a growing row over whether Britain’s security and intelligence agencies have sufficient powers to tackle the terrorist threat. In a rare intervention, Lord Evans of Weardale, the former head of MI5, today warns that Britain’s anti-terror laws are “no longer fit for purpose”, as it is becoming easier for jihadists plotting attacks to evade the intelligence services and the police. Writing in The Sunday Telegraph, he says it is now “much harder” than a decade ago for the security services to find out “what terrorists or criminals are saying among themselves” because they are discussing plots on the internet.”

“Lord Evans says new laws are vital to give intelligence agencies an “accountable and proportionate” ability to monitor more effectively services including Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat.”

We all know about President Obama’s friend Bill de Blasio cancelled the NYPD surveillance program all because of the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated CAIR’s protest based on political correctness.

However, there are those in the UK who realize what has to be done. “Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, said the Baghdad Meziane case highlighted the need to scrap the Human Rights Act. Mr Grayling said: “It’s a nonsense that people who are a threat to our society are able to use their human rights to avoid being sent back to their home country when it is clear they have no regard for the human rights of our citizens. That’s why it’s time to scrap Labour’s Human Rights Act, and put in place a completely new approach to human rights laws which means that this kind of thing can be stopped. Only the Conservatives would do that.”

My final question is that if terrorism is once again a top concern for the American people, which presidential wannabe or conservative Member of the House or Senate will step up and present a policy solution to finally defeat Islamo-fascism and Islamic militancy? I’m waiting — as I presume many of you are as well.

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