Black anti-cop activist undergoes police use of force training and gets an attitude readjustment [VIDEO]

Sometimes the best way to prove a point is to make folks who talk the talk, walk the walk.

Such is the case in Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, Arizona, where a local anti-police activist — black Reverend Jarrett Maupin, who was a former US Congressional candidate — undergoes law enforcement use of force training.

As reported by Western Journalism, “A progressive pastor who has lead protests against law enforcement said “his attitude has changed” Wednesday after a local law enforcement agency invited him to a training scenario simulating life threatening situations.”

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Rev. Jarrett Maupin is a former Democratic congressional candidate who describes himself as a “Progressive Baptist Preacher,” a “Civil Rights Campaigner,” and a “Radical Political Activist” on his Twitter profile.”

“He led a demonstration last month against the Phoenix Police Department after one of their officers shot an unarmed man. But earlier this week, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office extended an invitation to Maupin to participate in an exercise where he would find himself in three simulated life threatening scenarios police officers could experience while on the job, KSAZ reported.”

I have some other recommendations as to who needs to undergo this training: Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Bill de Blasio, Al Sharpton and George Soros.

Take the five minutes to watch this video. Some may say a taser could have been used, but then again, being put in the scenario is far more different than being an armchair quarterback. And for those who think you should just pull out a baton — well, why would you want to get engaged in a close order action – particularly if your assailant is armed?

It was interesting to hear the final comments from the Reverend. Perhaps more of these anti-police mouthpieces should walk a late night beat with our law enforcement officers. And I’d love to see members of the Obama national security team go on a patrol in Afghanistan.
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