Time for Hollywood to make a Mohammad bio-pic

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There’s a lot of talk about freedom of speech, freedom of expression, and freedom of the press right now in light of what happened in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo, but what will our response be in the West?

Shall we be so intimidated that we will cower away in fear as that which is intolerant forces us into their coerced definition of tolerance? You know what happens then: when tolerance becomes a one-way street it leads to cultural suicide.

We have the President of Turkey, Recip Erdogan basically saying, “you got what you deserved” — and our President, Barack Obama, refers to Erdogan as his friend. How many of you watched the movie, “Kingdom of Heaven?” Sure, many say, great movie but it was historically inaccurate in many ways — first of all, there was never an explanation as to why Pope Urban II called for The Crusades in 1095 — because of Christian pilgrims being attacked by Muslims.

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Well, it’s time we find some courage to historically portray the truth, and my good friend Bill Siegel — who took me to my first ever NY Knicks game, and has a pretty well-known and exceptional fiancee named Monica Crowley — has penned a pretty good recommendation for Hollywood in the Washington Times.

Siegel thinks it’s about time Holllywood will depict the story of Mohammad’s life. According to Siegel:

What would an accurate and fair film of Mohammad’s life show?

One would see “Jihad” in action with Mohammad beheading 600-900 Jews of the Banu Quraizah tribe as their heads roll into trenches, taking women and children as slaves, leading more than 25 raids, taking 20% of the booty for himself and Allah, and reneging on treaties.

One would see him consummating one of his thirteen or more marriages with the 9-year-old Aisha and how the revelations he timely received from Allah conveniently grant his desires, including Allah’s arranging Mohammad’s adopted son to divorce his wife so that Mohammad could marry her.

One would see the early “tolerant” and “peaceful” revelations so often cited abrogated by later ones revealed when Mohammad had full power to dominate.

One would see him solicit an assassin to murder the poet who, much like Charlie Hebdo, insulted him, would see how he terrorized to weaken his enemy’s will so that little else was required to cause its ultimate submission to him, Allah, and Islam, and hear him utter at his life’s end, “I have been made victorious by terror.”

One would see him structure his community into a bigoted hierarchy in which Muslims lived according to one set of rules while certain others (Christians and Jews primarily) were granted protection so long as they submitted to the shamefully humiliating lesser status requirements of being a Dhimmi. All others were forced to convert or die.

Do I think Hollywood will heed the recommendation and the offered storyline? Nope, they ain’t got the cojones, but this is a superb piece Bill wrote in The Washington Times — and he ain’t skeered of no “Fatwa.” Maybe someone, somewhere will find the courage to do a film based on Bill’s concept. It’s also reflected in the book by Robert Spencer, The Truth About Muhammad.

I for one am sick and tired of listening to all the excuses and wrong explanations using revisionist history. It’s time people came to understand the first Mecca phase, Medina phase, the second Mecca phase, and then the Islamic conquest phase — which has been resurrected thanks to Jimmy Carter allowing the Ayatollah Khomeini to rise to power.

So read my friend and brother Bill Siegel’s astute and exceptional piece – it’s the historical and irrefutable truth about Muhammad. However, will it ever be told on the big screen? Or have the Islamic jihadists and totalitarians won causing us to self-censor because we’re afraid of being called Islamophobes?

Read Bill’s full article here.

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