Maybe I’ve gotten it all wrong about Islamists after all

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You know, we in the West don’t want anyone to think these misunderstood “activists” in Paris and around the world mean any harm — after all they’re just reacting to the disrespect and lack of opportunity the West has provided in stealing all their resources. Maybe I’ve gotten it all wrong these years — the Islamo-fascists and terrorists are the victims.

We’ve so wronged them all these centuries. You see, that’s why Muslim armies were in France in the 8th century. It was the fault of the West that Muslim armies invaded Spain and held power there for nearly seven centuries.

The Muslim navy was just out for a nice day sailing in 1571 in Lepanto and that mean ol’ Venetian fleet ruined their cruise. And if those Germanic and Polish Knights had just been more accommodating and let the invading Ottoman Turkish army into Vienna — after all, that Muslim army just wanted some decent chocolate.

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So don’t you all see, we have a history to make up and that’s why we can’t bring ourselves to speak ill of this enemy. It’s all our fault!

Ok, hope you all had a good laugh, because the enemy isn’t laughing. They’re deadly serious.

The rallies are over, and it’s time we enter the realm of reality knowing “when tolerance becomes a one way street, it leads to cultural suicide.”

When you are afraid to face the enemy, try to excuse their behavior or even say who they are, you end up emboldening them. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the wake of the Paris Islamic terror attack.

Consider the message the enemy receives when the Obama administration says it is committed to shutting down GITMO because it has a negative effect upon our nation.

I tend to believe having an American beheaded has a negative effect on our nation. And how is that White House spokesperson Josh Earnest can earnestly state — even after a recently released video showing the Paris Islamic assailants shouting “We have avenged the prophet” — the terror attack, oops sorry the extremist violence, had nothing to do with Islam.

So, on the subject of emboldening the enemy, as reported by The Washington Times, “The Islamic State terrorist group has launched a big social media campaign to try to capitalize on the Paris massacre.”

“The group, known also by the acronyms ISIL and ISIS, is calling on jihadists to kill more Westerners and to celebrate the lives of the three Muslims who slaughtered 17 innocent civilians and police on a rampage that began on Jan. 7.”

“Twitter feeds and other social media messages began Sunday, urging each Muslim to act as a “city wolf” and kill co-workers and fellow commuters. Islamic State-linked Twitter accounts have used the hashtag #FightForHim — a reference to the Prophet Muhammad — over 3,000 times since early Sunday. One tweet says “revenge for him! Cut the tongues that do not have anything to insult except Allah & His Prophet!” Another, “Where r the #Islamic State supporters who made the west mad? Tell your friend and be ready at 9 p.m.” Also, “In the #Charlie Hebdo blessed operation, 12 killed, the coming will be bitter.”

You just know ISIS watched State Department spokesperson Marie Harf say there are many forms of “extremists” and when asked by Fox News Martha McCallum to name them — well, she failed.

Why is it that we’re struggling — ok, I will clarify — the Obama administration is struggling to define this enemy — especially since they are stating who they are? I could see if it were a matter of trying to understand your enemy, but when they explicitly tell you their goals and objectives and provide you with a clear definition — why not accept who they say they are?

I stated a couple of nights ago with Greta Von Susteren that this recalcitrance displayed by President Obama and his administration can no longer be dismissed — perceptions are leading to the reality of complicity.

Let’s be honest and examine the policies — and as I told Greta, drones are not a strategy. Consider the disrespect shown to Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as opposed to the embracing of Turkey’s President Erdogan. Why would the Obama administration provide financial aid to Hamas in Gaza yet fume over Israel building suburban apartments — and threatening sanctions, while relieving sanctions against Iran?

How can it be that Obama releases Islamic terrorists from GITMO but Army 1LT Clint Lorance remains incarcerated in the same facility that houses the fella who is guilty of “workplace violence” — sorry, i just don’t ever want to write or say that traitor’s name.

How can it be that Lorance is locked up for killing the enemy while the Soldier — and I use that term loosely — who deserted his post goes free, and could potentially receive hundreds of thousands of dollars — where is SGT Bowe Bergdahl by the way, or the investigation report?

And speaking of which, where are the five senior Taliban leaders we released for that deserter? You know those five fellas Qatar was supposed to keep track of for us? Let me give you a hint — they are free to return to Afghanistan this year.

So the Obama administration uses the IRS to attack “right wing extremists” — perhaps that’s what Marie Harf was talking about — but cannot force itself to say Islamic extremists.

Obama invites the Muslim Brotherhood to a speech in Cairo but somehow asked Benjamin Netanyahu to sit alone and take the backdoor exit. We’re told al-Qaida was decimated and on the run — so who are those guys in Yemen, Syria, reconstituted as ISIS in Iraq/Syria, and the Mahgreb to name a few places? But hey, we’re ending combat operations all over the place because we’re just that nice.

And what is the response to our niceness, to our kindness in not wanting to offend? “The Islamic State media campaign also includes social media postings, such as, “You are Muslim? Living in the West? Being a city wolf is your task! For you are the only ones to do so! You are already ‘citizens’ and no doubt you are the suitable ones to be chosen for such a task. You are sharing the same land with them. The same businesses and trains, the same neighborhoods.”

“Another tweet honors Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric who became an operations officer for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and urged followers to kill Americans. He personally blessed the mission of failed “underwear bomber” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. The U.S. killed al-Awlaki in a 2013 drone strike. “We’ll #FightforHim, we’ll instigate, we’ll bomb and we’ll assassinate,” that tweet says.”

And yesterday Facebook complained because we showed a picture of the burned and charred bodies of victims from “severe violence of a few” — another group of nondescript extremists called Boko Haram.

It’s time we stop apologizing to an enemy that has been historically savage and barbaric — and continues that practice to this day. This enemy is Islamic. And if I’m the only one who will say it, so be it.

The onus is not upon us, it is upon them to prove us wrong — and so far outside of President el-Sisi and the mayor of Rotterdam, they ain’t doing a good job of it.

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