Ominous: how faith-based attacks in Paris take root in small town America

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After yesterday’s tragedy in France, we awake today to a story which demonstrates how we got to that point, and why we are losing the ideological and cultural battle against Islamo-fascism.

As reported by the Washington Times, “The City of King, North Carolina, has settled a four-year battle in agreeing to remove a veteran’s memorial that featured a praying Soldier and a Christian flag.”

“After spending $50,000 in legal fees, the city voted 3-2 Tuesday to approve a settlement agreement in the lawsuit, Steven Hewett v. the City of King, the Winston-Salem Journal reported. The city agreed not to fly the Christian flag, to end its flag lottery policy, and to remove the statue depicting a soldier kneeling before a cross-shaped marker, the paper said.”

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“The decision to settle this case has been very difficult for the King city council,” the city said in a press release, The Daily Caller reported. “It was not reached until it became clear that the costs of proceeding to trial would greatly exceed the city’s insurance policy limits.”

As a bit of background, this lawsuit by Americans for Separation of Church and State was on behalf of one citizen in the city of King, North Carolina – not exactly a majority of the citizenry. In fact, it was a former U.S. Army veteran suing the city in a lawsuit that was estimated to run up a cost of $2 million.

I just have to ask, what is so offensive to one person about the image of a lone Soldier kneeling in prayer? That memorial represented the guardian kneeling for strength, who stands upon the ramparts of freedom to ensure the God given unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are protected. Several of those liberties were assaulted in Paris yesterday — perhaps that has no meaning to this singular citizen.

But what is most disturbing is that the city council capitulated simply because it could not afford the legal fees brought against it.

That’s exactly what the secular humanist movement understands — attack these small cities, such as in Madison County in Georgia where a faith-based monument at a high school football stadium was attacked — and force surrender.

The Times states, “though the room of roughly 60 people observing the vote never got out of hand, many attendees shook their heads in frustration, with one shouting out, “What else are you going to give up next?” Mayor Pro Tempore Dillard Burnette, who voted in favor of settling, thanked the veterans there, but said, “There’s no win in this situation,” the Winston-Salem Journal reported.”

Basically they were drawn into surrender because of the financial backing of the group bringing the lawsuit.

Ladies and gents, I present to you an assertion that this is part and parcel of what happened in Paris — same result, different means. A part of our Judeo-Christian faith heritage was engaged, and in the end it was censored. It appears at times the secular humanists and the Islamo-fascists have the same end goals: the eradication of our faith heritage and values in Western civilization, and the submission to their will.

And sadly, over these past two mornings I have awakened to see them winning.

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