California now giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses. Wanna bet voting cards are next?

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It’s becoming more and more difficult to rationalize the decisions made by the far left progressive socialists of the Democrat party. They truly are committed to the “fundamental transformation” of America in a very literal sense. The rule of law means nothing to those dedicated to this damaging political ideology and agenda. And so it is that I cannot explain California’s recent implementation of granting drivers licenses to those here in America illegally — truly a Pavlovian endeavor.

As reported by our friends at Townhall, “Under California’s Safe and Responsible Drivers Act, illegal immigrants will be able to apply for drivers licenses this year. Before, a legal social security number was required for a license in California, but under the new law as many as 1.4 million illegal immigrants are expected to be granted licenses.”

I find it unconscionable that the law is being changed to accommodate those who are here in violation of the law. And what do we say to those who came to America following the legal process and procedures to become a citizen as they sit back and watch this unfold?

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The reason why I say this is Pavlovian is reflected in the words of one illegal immigrant from a story by the Associated Press (AP), “Mexican immigrant Jesus Moreno emerged smiling from a California Department of Motor Vehicles office on Friday with official permission to do something he’s been doing here for more than a decade: driving. The 30-year-old vending-machine installer, who has forked over hundreds of dollars in traffic tickets and car-impound fees as an unlicensed driver, became one of the first to get a permit under a new program to give driver’s licenses to the nation’s largest population of immigrants in the country illegally.”

So the lesson Sr. Moreno has learned is that laws don’t apply. They’re simply recommendations – as a matter of fact, if you disregard the law, then the law will change to accommodate your belligerence. However, I just have to ask, can someone in Mexico illegally get a drivers license?

Now California joins nine other states who grant drivers licenses to illegal immigrants — and you can be assured others will flock to these states to circumvent the rule of law.

“This is a big opportunity for me,” said Sammy Moeung, a 24-year-old Cambodian immigrant eager to get a license to avoid having to ride his bike to work at his brother’s doughnut shop. “Having this is moving a step forward in life, in California and the United States.”

“Immigrant advocates have cheered the licenses as a way to integrate immigrants who must drive to work and shuttle children to school, though the cards will include a distinctive marking and are not considered valid federal identification. Critics have questioned state officials’ ability to verify the identity of foreign applicants, citing security concerns.”

Now, I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but what about Americans who would like to drive to work? And by the way, the case of Mr. Moeung demonstrates that concern about illegal immigration is not synonymous with anti-Hispanic sentiments.

What I also found very telling was that the AP article on three occasions stated “immigrant” without the qualifying adjective “illegal” – just another example of the complicit media pushing the narrative.

Furthermore, why, at a time when we have such a porous border and the threat of Islamic terrorism, are we granting drivers licenses — fully knowing the complexity of verifying identities and documents? How many individuals in America who have overstayed student visas who will now come out and apply for drivers licenses — with no fear of retribution?

Here is how it is supposed to work according to the AP report, “Applicants must submit proof of identity and state residency and pass a written test to get a driving permit. Those who don’t possess foreign government-issued identification on a list of approved documents can be interviewed by a DMV investigator to see if they qualify. Immigrants must come back at a later date and pass a road test to get the license, which will be marked with the words “federal limits apply.” Those who have licenses from other states are not required to take the road test again.”

What I find funny is that the rate of return for illegals for deportation hearings is abysmally low — but you can bet the return for a drivers license will be rather high. But the real justification behind this venture will certainly make you cry — it was all about road safety.

“Law enforcement officials have said the program will improve road safety because more drivers will be tested and insured. A DMV study of 23 years of crash data found unlicensed drivers were more likely to cause a fatal collision.”

So enter America illegally, break the law and drive, cause accidents resulting in the deaths of others, and guess what? You get a drivers license! Only in America can one find that kind of logic.

In closing, I don’t believe for one minute these individuals will NEVER be allowed to vote. They should not have been granted sanctuary. They should not be taking away jobs from legal immigrants and American citizens. They should not be granted drivers licenses. So what is the logical next step?

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