Your top 10 stories of 2014

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The mainstream media is great about promoting a particular narrative. Time Magazine has its “Person of the Year.” the Associate Press came up with its “Story of the Year. We’ll be announcing our votes for “Absurdity of the Year” in a day or so. But we thought you might be interested in seeing what YOU thought were the top stories of 2014, based on the number of times the pages were viewed. Here then is YOUR list. It’s an eclectic list. It says something about the state of American culture, and the threats we face both here and abroad.

10.Quite possibly the most racist article you will ever read. This one is very recent – but it confronts issues of race and culture that make people very uncomfortable, for good reason.

9.ISIS at the Mexican border: US attack imminent? It’s one thing to have to absorb hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants into our social welfare system. But this highlights the grave nature of border insecurtiy.

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8.Exclusive: Confidential source reveals to me what really happened in Benghazi Americans still need answers.

7.Mark Cuban, Stephen A. Smith and the dirty little secret about blacks and racism. Did I ever mention liberal hypocrisy?

6. Green Beret clarifies difference between war and twitter for Gwyneth Paltrow. Oh Gwyneth. You and your fellow Hollywood liberal elites just don’t get it.

5.Bergdahl’s father’s deleted tweet a smoking gun? Whose side was Bergdahl really on?

4. ISIS is beheading children: Obama drops two bombs. Obama can say until he’s blue in the face that ISIS is just a “jayvee” team, but clearly that is absurd. A few bombs here and there will not eliminate this scourge.

3. Folks, you’re missing the point about Donald Sterling. This whole sordid episode captivated our nation, but there’s more to it.

2.Bombshell: Bowe Bergdahls’s fathers first words at the White House were Arabic.Do you think Bowe Bergdahl’s father should be speaking Arabic on the lawn on the Rose Garden with B.Hussein Obama looking on approvingly? Neither do we.

And the number one story of 2014, based on what you were reading:

1.Christian Grammy nominee walked out of the show – I don’t blame her one bit. Sigh. We can only hope our popular culture has hit rock bottom and will rebound! Frankly, we feel the same about our nation as a whole.

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