Left-leaning AP says police killings of blacks is year’s top story; I vote for Meriam Ibrahim

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The end of the year brings all kinds of lists – as a matter of fact, we have our own sarcastic list for your selection, “Absurdity of the Year”and we look forward to your input.

However, there are some “serious” lists, which beg the question — what do we honor? The Associated Press chose as its story of the year the police killing of blacks. Now, what I find interesting is that there were more blacks killing blacks this year – so why wasn’t that the AP top story? As well, there were far more unborn black babies killed this year — why wasn’t that the AP top story?

You see, for some reason those stories don’t fit the narrative of the Associated Press. But why? And even more curious, who is it at AP who decides what the top story of 2014 would be? Heck, we are witnessing one of the most violent Islamic terrorist movements in recent history, but this year that wasn’t worthy as a top story?

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Perhaps the AP forgot to consider that Michael Brown committed several felony crimes, one of which was that he chose to assault a police officer — resulting in his being death. Or that according to the CDC, over 300 whites and Hispanics were shot by police, compared to 123 blacks.

But who are these people who selectively choose what is the “top story? As their story states, “The police killings of unarmed blacks in Ferguson, Missouri, and elsewhere – and the investigations and tumultuous protests they inspired – was the top news story of 2014, according to The Associated Press’ annual poll of U.S. editors and news directors. In a year crowded with dramatic and often wrenching news developments around the world, the No. 2 story was the devastating outbreak of Ebola in West Africa, followed by the conflict in Iraq and Syria fueled by the brutal actions of Islamic State militants.”

“Among the 85 voters casting ballots, first-place votes were spread among 15 different stories. The Ferguson entry received 22 first-place votes, Ebola 11 and the Islamic State story 12.”

So, let me get this right, AP conducts a poll of just 85 editors and news directors who decide the top story of 2014 — and what pray tell are the political leanings of these astute individuals?

I hope some of the 85 individuals read this post and answer my question. How many blacks were killed this year in inner city black communities across America? How many of them were unarmed, perhaps just simple kids who refused to join gangs? Do their lives matter in your insidious little game of media manipulation and propaganda?

Time Magazine decided their “Person of the Year” should be the folks who stood on the front lines against Ebola — perhaps they colluded with the AP folks and decided that since it came in as number for them, it would be their number one.

It appears the liberal progressive media has a masterful plan to tell us working stiffs what’s important. We now live in some Orwellian world where our thoughts, insights, and perspectives matter little — especially if they diverge from what is labeled as “mainstream.” I suppose those same 85 media elitists are the new Soviet style “politburo” that makes all the determinations for us in our everyday lives and existence?

I applaud the folks highlighted on the cover of Time Magazine, but they did choose to go to West Africa and they had the backing of the best healthcare system in the world. So I must ask, what is it that we honor?

Here is my choice for the story we should honor — Meriam Ibrahim. We wrote of her often here this year and her story is one of faith, courage, commitment, and devotion.

If you don’t recall this woman and her story, let me just offer a recap courtesy of Terence Jeffrey at CNS News,

“In a year when some of the most exalted public figures in the United States distinguished themselves by advancing unjust causes or cowardly refusing to seriously resist them, a pregnant mother imprisoned in Sudan with her 18-month-old American son set a standard for saintly courage.”

“When a Sudanese court told Meriam she must renounce her Catholic faith and convert to Islam or be hung by the neck until dead, she gave a non-negotiable answer: No.”

“Meriam was born in Sudan to a Christian mother and a Muslim father–who abandoned the family when Meriam was six. Her mother raised her a Christian. In December 2011, in a Catholic church in Khartoum, Meriam married U.S. citizen Daniel Wani. A Catholic priest witnessed their marriage; the Archdiocese of Khartoum certified it. Daniel had emigrated from Sudan to New Hampshire in 1998 and was naturalized in 2005.”

“In November 2012, eleven months after she and Daniel were married, Meriam gave birth to their first child, Martin. By law, because he was the son of a U.S. citizen, Martin was a U.S. citizen. In February, Sudan threw Meriam and Martin in the Omdurman Women’s Prison. Meriam was then five months pregnant with her and Daniel’s second child.”

So, what do I honor? A woman who refused to surrender her faith, her God. A woman who cared for her American son while chained and gave birth to another child while imprisoned. A woman who knows first hand the blessing of liberty and freedom and was willing to “give the last full measure of devotion” for what she held most dear.

To the 85 polled by the Associated Press I tell you this simple truth — you do not speak for me, and chances are there are many who feel the same.

ISIS was the top story of 2014, but with men and women who have the faith of Meriam Ibrahim, they shall be defeated.

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