U.S. forces kick some serious ISIS butt – Obama strangely silent

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Yesterday at President Obama’s final press conference of 2014 there was one topic noticeably missing — any discussion on ISIS.

You all remember that group of ragtag fellows classified as a “jayvee” team by our president? These are the same savages who in the past week beheaded four Christian children — all under the age of 15 — for not rejecting Yeshua (Jesus) and also slaughtered some 150 Iraqi women in Fallujah for not consenting to having sex with them or marriage. Yep, really tough guys, but for some odd reason they didn’t merit a mention by President Obama.

You don’t think he’s rooting for the other team, do you?

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As reported by IJ Review, “American troops just had their first real battle with Islamic State militants, after the terror group attempted to overrun Ein al-Asad base in Iraq in the middle of the night Sunday, the Kurdish news outlet Shafaq News reports. The U.S. troops absolutely decimated the militants, forcing a quick retreat. The counterattack was conducted in a joint operation with local tribal forces. The attack occurred at Ein al-Asad base, which currently hosts nearly 100 U.S. military “advisers.” The U.S. troops engaged the militants in tandem with F-18 fighter jets, who provided air support. The battle lasted approximately two hours after an undisclosed number of militants were killed.”

Now, why would the Commander-in-Chief not want to disclose such powerful and great news, that our U.S. forces met the enemy on the battlefield and crushed them? After all, the mission given by President Obama was to degrade and destroy ISIS, right?

Well, maybe the president, who said he wouldn’t deploy American troops back into combat in Iraq, doesn’t want Americans to know those deployed troops are indeed in ground combat with the enemy.

Is this a deliberate deception by Obama, or just complete denial of the truth? His unilateral politically motivated decision to withdraw all American troops from Iraq was misguided and a strategic blunder. He has now ordered nearly 3,000 American troops back into Iraq and guess what? They’re in combat, fighting against the enemy, not from 10,000 feet but on the ground — and they are wearing boots.

Is our own president ashamed of our men facing this barbaric enemy and revealing them to be the cowards we all knew they were? Sure, it’s easy to behead children, rape and kill women and take them as slaves. Yeah, they routed the Iraqi Army led by the inept cronies of al-Maliki — not the professional leaders we had trained and left in position.

And the Kurds are indeed tough fighters, but even they can’t stand up to a modernized terrorist army with outdated small arms and weapons — all because the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) requests for support to the Baghdad government and to America had been denied and dismissed.

As IJ Review reports, “At the height of the Iraq War, Ein al-Asad was the largest airbase in Iraq’s Anbar province. The fight occurred in the al-Dolab area, about six miles from the base. Hundreds of U.S. troops have been deployed to Iraq’s Anbar Province following the news of the Islamic State attack, Stars and Stripes reported. “Currently, about 350 U.S. troops are stationed at Al Asad Air Base in Anbar. The force is composed of advisers and support personnel who are assisting the Iraqi army, as well as a security contingent tasked with providing force protection.”

Well, it seems our force contingent conducted a ground combat operation within their prescribed ROE — so why no mentioned from the podium by President Obama?

If you have forgotten, these were Obama’s words, “I will not commit you and the rest of our Armed Forces to fighting another ground war in Iraq.” IJ Review says “Col. Ed Thomas, the chief spokesman for Joint Chiefs chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey said that the troops will not be accompanying Iraqi forces in combat, reiterating President Obama’s pledge to not commit U.S. troops into a combat capacity. “

I believe these gents fail to realize the most important rule in combat — the enemy has a vote! We continue to hear declarations from Obama that combat operations have ended. So where is the consensual document signed by our adversary? And let me be clear, I prefer a document of surrender — not some empty rhetoric that hides an ideological intent — but sound strategic military policy and victory.

In my opinion, yesterday President Barack Obama didn’t want it to be known that American troops deployed to Iraq are on the ground, wearing boots, and engaged in combat.

A moment that should have been celebrated by the Commander-in-Chief instead brings shame upon him. Perhaps Obama would have preferred those Special Operators showing “restraint” and Obama could have resurrected that inane “Combat Restraint Medal” idea– I kid you not, that was once a consideration.

In closing, every military strategist knows you never win on defense. If I were giving the press conference yesterday, I would have told the American people that we have ordered a full pursuit operation in order to destroy all ISIS elements remaining in Al Anbar province after our successful repel of an ISIS assault on Ein al-Asad Airbase.

We must maintain the initiative, stop the enemy momentum and crush their morale, leading to their destruction. Ladies and gents, that’s what lions, American warriors, want to hear. Instead, yesterday their heroic actions went unmentioned by their Commander-in-Chief who’d prefer them to be “Santa in fatigues.”

North Korea claims U.S. has declared WAR...via Twitter

North Korea claims U.S. has declared WAR...via Twitter

I’d like to know, who in the Trump administration is AGAINST this…

I’d like to know, who in the Trump administration is AGAINST this…