Top ten left wing goals for next two years (just kidding?)

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There was a quite telling moment the Wednesday after the 2014 midterm elections when President Obama stood at a podium in the White House and said he’d heard the voices of the two-thirds of the Americans who did not vote.

In other words, Obama frankly stated to the Americans who did actually go to the polls that he didn’t get the memo, the email, tweet, or Facebook post of the previous day’s results.

He was going into the final two years of his presidential administration having lost the Senate majority, witnessed the election of the largest House GOP majority in nearly 70 years, and watched as the GOP expanded its control of state capitols and legislatures. He did not win after stating his policies were on the ballot – in fact, they were soundly rejected. Elections have consequences — but not for Barack Obama.

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If anything, the message since that Wednesday address is that Obama and his agenda will march on — unilaterally. In effect his challenge to the GOP has been “I will do as I wish by executive actions or memoranda, unless you pass a bill like.” I searched the Constitution and failed to find that delineation of the executive branch and legislative branch duties and responsibilities.

Since November 4, 2014 we’ve seen an angry president intent on doing as he deems appropriate — regardless of the unconstitutional implications and the lies needed along the way. So what is the end goal?

As reported by Breitbart, “Now that President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have launched their new friendship initiative with Cuba, progressives are thinking more optimistically about what else might be possible in the remainder of the president’s term. After all, since the November 2014 elections, Obama has moved sharply left on immigration, climate change, and net neutrality. So why shouldn’t the Left hope for more?”

Bretibart offers the top ten policy agenda items President Obama and the progressive socialist left wing will want to push through (and folks this is satire – at least I hope):

10. Marijuana to be completely decriminalized under the ever-expanding doctrine of “prosecutorial discretion.” In the meantime, the administration will push for a complete ban on all tobacco products and e-cigarettes.

9. The Federal Communications Commission to re-impose the “Fairness Doctrine” on radio; the FCC to further study whether the same Doctrine can be applied to cable TV news.

8. Jane Fonda to be named Secretary of Veterans Affairs; Ted Turner to be named Ambassador to the United Nations.

7. Wind-energy turbines to be made mandatory across the country, except for Cape Cod, The Hamptons, Malibu, and other coastal enclaves, where such turbines are forever forbidden.

6. The FDA and EPA to team up and decide that coal is a carcinogen. Meanwhile, solar panels are to be included in school lunches.

5. The Presidential Medal of Freedom to be awarded to Alec Baldwin, Michael Bloomberg, David Brock, Wendy Davis, Sandra Fluke, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher. Michael Moore, and Rosie O’Donnell.

4. Posthumous presidential pardons for Joe Hill, Sacco & Vanzetti, the Rosenbergs, and also a pardon for a living prison inmate, Willie Horton.

3. Al Sharpton to be named White House Police Brutality Czar.

2. President Obama to commit to the complete eradication of both homophobia and Islamophobia.

1. The Obama administration to propose a new Constitutional Amendment allowing individuals born in Africa or Asia to serve as President of the United States; also, the administration to propose the repeal of the 22nd Amendment.

I must admit that points 9 and 10 are within the realm of the possible. Hey, even everything going on, it is after all Christmas time and could use a little cheer — so to Media Matters and other chucklehead far left groups who troll these pages — don’t go writing “Allen West conspiracy theory that Obama will change the 22nd Amendment.”

I am absolutely concerned the Obama administration will march on towards a far left agenda in its final two years. There is clearly no regard for the rule of law as written in our Constitution, and there seems to be no consequences for the incessant deceptions and lies emanating from Obama and his administration.

It is far from being the most transparent administration in our history — unless you count releasing a partisan political Senate Democrat report on the CIA enhanced interrogation techniques.

And since Obama hasn’t been personally affected by any electoral decisions based on his actions – he’s been elected and reelected — his interpretation is that voters may not like the Democrats, but they sure like him.

As we drive towards the 2016 presidential election cycle, you’d think Obama would become a toxic liability for the Democrat Party – they’d wanted him to stay somewhat hidden this past midterm cycle. And consider that even the black Lieutenant Governor in Maryland who was running for Governor and was endorsed personally at a rally with the president lost to a Republican. That’s Maryland folks!

Yes it’s a funny list, but the question is whether or not the Democrat Party really wants to be run by progressive socialists, and will they win in the post-Obama era with that policy agenda?

The test will play out over these next two years. Barack Obama won because America wanted to shed “white guilt” and what did we get? Even more racist condemnation — so what is enough?

Therefore, if the leftist agenda is “to be continued” it will need a new “guilt” in order to mask its nefarious and destructive aims towards our Constitutional Republic — the “new guilt” will be “gender guilt.” I see bumper stickers saying, “I I’m ready for Hillary” — why? It should just simply read, “I’m ready for a woman to advance the progressive socialist agenda.”

Well, it won’t be Hillary upon whom that mantle will fall, but rather Elizabeth Warren — whom I believe will become the modern day George McGovern. The intent of these final two years of the Obama administration is to set the conditions for the continued “fundamental transformation” of America. Any attempt to stymie that objective must be highly principled and speak truth to power in order to bring this clear and present danger to the future of our country to the attention of the American people.

This is not a game — and sadly, unlike this humorous list – it’s not funny, but very serious.

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