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Yes, folks there was an awful lot of absurd headlines in 2014. We can’t tell you how many times during last year we shook our heads and said “You just can’t make this stuff up.” To be honest, it was hard to narrow the list to just these sixteen, and unfortunately you can only vote for one.

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We’ll be announcing the dubious winner on December 31st, just in time for you to say good riddance to 2014 and hope for a little less absurdity in 2015 — but we’re not betting on that.

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Scroll down to see our nominations for “Absurdity of the Year.”

1. Feds paid $182,129,786 to house illegals for 4 months

2. Army LTC may be forced to retire for preventing photos of lesbian couple kissing

3. Michael Brown’s mom tried to take her son’s case to the UN Committee on Torture

4. Iran executed a woman for killing her rapist

5. Your tax dollars funded Swedish massages for rabbits (which were killed afterwards)

6. Animal rights group sought “personhood” for chimpanzees

7. Openly gay Houston mayor demanded pastors turn over their sermons

8. Convicted cop killer gives college commencement speech

9. John Kerry says the Bible commands us to fight climate change, particularly in Muslim countries

10. Debbie Wasserman Schultz equates conservative policies to domestic violence

11. Nancy Pelosi says Hamas is a humanitarian organization

12. Kanye West says celebrities are treated like blacks in the 60s

13. Eric Holder’s Department of Justice investigates a parade float

14. Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl could be eligible for $350,000 in back pay, tax free

15. Military troops are getting pink slips while in combat

16. Gwyneth Paltrow compares Twitter to war

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Online providers deliver major ultimatum to white supremacists

Online providers deliver major ultimatum to white supremacists

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Another American memorial hit after weekend protests