Incendiary video: Samuel L. Jackson calls out “violence of racist police”

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Once again, a privileged liberal celebrity is wading into the murky waters of race-baiting. And after you watch Samuel L. Jackson’s video, I want to tell you a story.

Growing up, I completely idolized my older brother, Herman West Jr. Here was a slick-talking fella who wasn’t drafted but volunteered to join the U.S. Marines as an Infantryman and deploy to Vietnam. I’ve mentioned him many times, and his combat duty in Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 26th Marine Regiment. He was wounded there at Khe Sanh but was medevac’d to Okinawa and then on home. I remember the bayonet he brought back for me and how I treasured that pearl-handled piece of gear. I wanted to follow in those footsteps – Dad’s, as a World War II Vet and his.

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My older brother’s nickname — still is — Pootney and upon his return he attended college at North Carolina A&T University, but did not finish. He’d met a wonderful woman from South Carolina named Jannetta, and wanted to settle down and start a family. Of course ol’ Buck West wasn’t happy but it was Pootney’s GI Bill and his choice.

So my older brother returned to Atlanta with the objective of serving once again — this time as an Atlanta Police Officer. There was one problem — Pootney was as skinny as skinny could be, a true lean mean Marine fighting machine. So what did he do? He got hired on with the Atlanta transit service as a bus driver and boy did he start bulking up those arms. He ultimately became ab APD officer and I remember his graduation. But what thrilled me more than anything was the first time Officer West came flying up Kennesaw Avenue in his squad car — and all my friends came a-running!

That was my brother wearing another uniform — a blue one. He would grab me by the head and say in that southern drawl of his, “hey boy, you doing right in school?”

I gotta tell you about the day when Pootney decided to have some fun with little Allen and put his handcuffs on me and then faked not being able to unlock them. He told me I had to go “downtown” to get the master key. And of course, he put me in the back seat because no one could ride in the front seat! So he took me down to the jail — and in the back entrance — I was scared out of my life.

You see, what I didn’t understand at the time was this little trick was about teaching his younger brother a lesson — never take that ride. Herman Jr. went on to become a detective and served through the “Atlanta Child Murders” of 1979-81.

Now, why did I tell y’all this story? Because I’m tired of these unwarranted attacks against our nation’s law enforcement officers. When I saw that video of people shouting “What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Now”! — it angers me because they’re talking about someone’s older brother, dad, mom, son or daughter. How have we devolved into this state where even the mayor of New York City has spoken out against his own police force, the venerable NYPD.

This little video courtesy of, further shows how horribly misguided some folks are. Actor Samuel L. Jackson posted this video on his Facebook encouraging other celebrities to call “out the violence of the racist police.” He sings, “we ain’t gonna stop ‘til people are free.” Free from what? Slavery?

So I have to ask, when someone black shoots a white police officer – is that person racist? And by the way, firearm fatalities for officers are up 70 percent in 2014 over 2013.

So who is out protesting for them? Who is speaking out for their families and the children who hugged their dad or mom only to never see them again?

I find these privileged entertainers and athletes who always seem to have bountiful security details around them speaking out against our law enforcement officers as the height of hypocrisy. I must ask — and maybe he has — but how many inner city schools has Samuel L. Jackson donated to or sponsored after-school education programs? How many inner city businesses has he helped to grow and survive? Has he donated to any of the Ferguson businesses that were burned to the ground?

Has Jackson or the St. Louis Ram’s players promoting the false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot” ever spoken up about restoring the black family? Made a donation to the United Negro College Fund?

I hope they have. I hope all of them who are out preaching the doctrine of hate and victimization have done something positive — and not just seek out the low hanging fruit of the progressive socialist message, enabling the soft bigotry of low expectations.

It’s easy to target the law enforcement officers, the men and women who provide security and protection everyday — just like those who breached and killed the Islamic terrorist in Sydney, Australia. We have safe neighborhoods because of the folks of the “Thin Blue Line.”

When did it change that our police officers no longer commanded the regard and respect that I recall growing up — in an inner city neighborhood?

Perhaps, instead of condemning them, — we should ask what has culturally changed in America. Let us not forget that Michael Brown and Eric Garner were the victims of their own decisions and the consequence sadly was that they lost their lives.

But hey, I suppose it’s far more acceptable to our culture and society today that the law enforcement officer doing his duty loses his life — at least that’s what people are chanting.

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