Feds paid $182,129,786 to house illegals for 4 months

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My good friend and patriot, Tom Fitton, and his exceptional team at Judicial Watch have done it again. They’ve once again uncovered the nefarious actions of the Obama administration in improper use of hard-earned American taxpayer resources. If it were not for Judicial Watch, we’d be completely in the dark and truly vulnerable to the progressive socialist left’s definition of “transparency.”

Judicial Watch announced today that on September 9, 2014, it received documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) revealing that the Obama administration paid Baptist Children and Family Services (BCFS) $182,129,786 to provide “basic shelter care” to 2,400 “unaccompanied alien children” (UAC) for four months in 2014.”

The BCFS budget included charges for $104,215,608 for UACs at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, and an additional $77,914,178 for UACs at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. The start date of BCFS’s contract was October 1, 2013, but it was signed on June 27, 2014. The project’s end date of September 30, 2016, suggests that the Obama administration anticipates that the “surge” will continue until near the end of his presidency.”

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The fact that this “contract” was awarded last year in October lends credibility to the belief that the Obama administration knew all along there would be a massive influx of illegal immigrants into America — and was in preparation mode. But we knew that already.

Furthermore, where is the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) and its complaints about “separation of church and state?” After all, BCFS is a religious organization that received millions in American taxpayer dollars.

Ah, the hypocrisy. If you are the Little Sisters of the Poor and don’t support the progressive socialist healthcare policy agenda, then you are a bad religious organization and must be penalized. Or if you are a preacher speaking up about policies being instituted in your city, then you can have your sermons subpoenaed.

But if you’re on the Obama team, you are a good, acceptable religious organization and will be funded to implement the “fundamental transformation.”

Now, am I the only one who sees this blatant hypocrisy? And to give taxpayer funds to a religious organization in order to house illegals on a U.S. military installation just takes the cake — could we not have used those millions of dollars to preclude “pink slipping” some of our men and women who support and defend our constitution? Well, I suppose not. Defense policy and funding our troops — or even our veterans — means little to those focused on politics and campaign promises.

“According to the documents obtained by Judicial Watch, the cost to the American taxpayer was $86,846.34 per illegal alien child at Ft. Sill, for a total to $104,215,608 for 1,200 UACs from June 12 to October 18. The bill also included $2,648,800 in compensation for 30 members of the BCFS “Incident Management Team” (IMT), for a total to $88,293 per IMT member for the four-month period.”

The $77,914,178 to care for 1,200 children at Lackland AFB amounted to a cost to the taxpayer of $64,928 per illegal alien child from May 18 to September 18. The Lackland bill included $20,000 for a “cable television screen/projector set up” and 20 shower stalls at $1,000 each.”

And all this while we have some 93 million Americans who have been forced to drop out of the workforce, period. All this at a time when the American taxpayers’ share of the national debt is nearly $100,000 — and I delineate taxpayer.

So I must ask the same rhetorical question: on whose side is the Obama administration? And with the recent unlawful Obama executive action on immigration reform, American taxpayers can expect an even greater bill.

Here are some interesting highlights:

Food will be provided by a local catering service at $75 per day for 3 meals and 2 snacks. [According to the USDA, the cost to feed a teenager per say in the U.S. is roughly $71.70 – or approximately $10 per day.]

Recreational items will include board games, soccer balls, basket balls, jump ropes, bracelet making kits, yarn, puzzles, arts and crafts, decks of cards, and eye-hand coordination game sets. Reimbursement is requested for $180,000.”

Educational items will include … tempera paint, paint markers, paint brushes, easel brushes, art paper … Crayons, multicultural crayons … for $180,000.

In addition, contact with family members is imperative and part of BCFS’s daily programing in which each client is affording the opportunity to call their families twice every week … 1200 UACs x 2 calls x 20 minutes – 48,000 minutes a week x .75 x 16 weeks – $576,000.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton summed it up nicely, “It is outrageous that the Obama administration spent nearly $200 million of taxpayer funds to provide illegal alien children with the types of extravagant high-tech equipment and lavish benefits many American families cannot even afford for their own children. And very few American workers are bringing home the $80,000 the Obama administration pays the BCFS’s Incident Management Team for just four months’ work.”

You just can’t make this stuff up — “hands up, don’t shoot” — all while the Obama administration is fleecing the taxpayers. Final question, will this make the news at ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSBNC, or PBS? I ain’t holding my breath. This, folks, is “transparency” liberal progressive style.

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