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I got back home last night at 1am, but as I was flying home I had some thoughts about the state of awareness in America. If there’s one thing at which the Obama administration and their liberal progressive media accomplices are most adept, it is changing — manipulating — the national dialogue.

I can assure you more Americans know who Michael Brown or Eric Garner is — but know little, if anything, about Jonathan Gruber or even the location of Army SGT Bowe Bergdahl. How many Americans can explain Hillary Clinton’s assertion that we should “respect and empathize” with our enemies? Or can tell us who Ashton Carter is, and his suitability for his nominated position? (SecDef)

Chances are the American public has no idea what the national debt is ($18 TRILLION) or the name of the American teacher stabbed to death in Abu Dhabi (Ibolya Ryan) — heck, they may not even know where Abu Dhabi is (United Arab Emirates).

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We’re not hearing anything from the mainstream media about the failing Iranian nuclear negotiations — or the Arab-backed U.N. resolution to force Israel to disclose its nuclear program and submit to U.N. IAEA monitoring. I’d like to ask the Ferguson and NYC protestors what is the major policy issue adversely affecting the black community – it’s not having a conversation about race. Yes, we are living in an Orwellian America and I just have to ponder — where was all the media attention back this Easter weekend when nearly 45 young black men were victims of shootings in Chicago?

One of the more humorous aspects of writing these posts is that the detractors never address the issue presented or answer the questions posed. They revert to name calling or changing the topic — the keenly acquired ability, which exemplifies a lack of knowledge or ability to debate.

However, the manipulation of the public through information (propaganda?) is a serious issue — quite dangerous indeed. As a matter of fact, it was this past week that acclaimed scholar Dr. Thomas Sowell made reference on the Sean Hannity Show about the Goebellian premise of telling a lie often enough and it will eventually become truth — such as the new leftist sound bite “hands up don’t shoot.”

There is so much going on in America — and indeed the world — but we’re being led about like sheeple chasing a shiny toy.

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