“Stunning and offensive” Obama publicly insults Australia’s leader at G20

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I know the story dominating the media today is all about Ferguson, Missouri — but there are many other bigger issues we cannot ignore

You might have missed it, but on Monday the U.S. Secretary of Defense resigned — well, he was probably fired. As well, the nuclear program negotiations with Iran failed again, and there has been another extension to the Monday deadline — into next year. We still have a little problem called ISIS, which has beheaded three Americans and still holds a female American hostage. And Russia is still building up its forces against Ukraine.

There seems to be a never-ending stream of chaos and crisis — any wonder why there is a crisis of confidence in America?

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And in the midst of it all, I came across an op-ed piece that is truly upsetting. As written by Aussie Nick Adams for Fox News, “What President Obama did when he came to the G20 meeting in Brisbane, Australia, was stunning and offensive. Mirroring his action in sending the bust of Winston Churchill back to England, the president gave a provocative, anti-Abbott (Australia’s PM) speech on climate change at the University of Queensland. But more than being provocative, it has emerged that the staff at U.S. embassy in Canberra advised him not to give the speech.”

As Greg Sheridan in The Australian newspaper put it: “Obama’s speech was deliberately designed to hurt Abbott… Historians of the relationship cannot cite a single similar example of a visiting president going out of his way to wound an Australian prime minister… What was Obama’s purpose? Can one more celebrity orgasm really be more important to the President than maintaining his relationship with his closest ally in Asia? Was Obama preparing for his post-presidential life, as a new and improved Al Gore?”

The question has to be asked, why would an American president insult a country that since the beginning of the last century, has been the only country to have fought alongside the United States in every single major conflict? It can be easily argued that Australia is America’s closest ally in Asia, if not the world.

I remember chatting with Aussie Spec Ops troops during my time in Kandahar, Afghanistan — tough fellas indeed and impeccable warriors. They were dedicated men who stood shoulder to shoulder with our own troops in the fight against the Taliban and Islamic terrorism. So what was more important for President Obama that he would have to embarrass an ally and host prime minister?

Well, it seems that Prime Minister Abbott is just not Obama’s cup of tea. You see, Tony Abbott is the conservative prime minister of Australia, a leader who stopped illegal immigration to his country, a man who has insisted that everyone living in Australia be part of “Team Australia,” and the only world leader to have confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin over his actions in Ukraine and the downing of flight MH17. Once he took office, Abbott immediately scrapped the carbon tax (cap-and-trade) that his liberal predecessor had implemented when she became prime minister. Now, Australia has come to represent the last great holdout to the climate change agenda. It surprised few that climate change had been left off the G20 agenda — oops, therein lies the rub for President Obama.

Prime Minister Abbott is a member of the “flat earth society,” so called by the progressive socialist Left because he rejects the politics of the climate changers and focuses on policies vital to the security of his country.

And what was the response from Australia? “Prime Minister Abbott’s office expressed displeasure at not being offered the courtesy of being warned in advance that the president of the United States was planning to come to Australia to dump on the prime minister. Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, was forced to publicly rebuke the president, a first for her office while she was in New York chairing the National Security Council.”

At a time when the enemies of America — and indeed liberty — are gathering and threatening, the last conceivable action would be to show such behavior towards an ally, Australia. We are watching America lose respect and regard among allies in the Middle East — such as Egypt and UAE. We have strained relations with our best ally in the Middle East, Israel. The alliances of new Europe are being tested and stretched in the face of Russian aggression. It has to be troubling that we are at such a crisis of leadership in America — clearly evident in our domestic policy, but also in our foreign policy and relations. And now with the sacking of SecDef Chuck Hagel one has to ask, what shall become of our national security in these last two years of the Obama administration?

If 2014 is an indicator, well, as we say down south, “Katie bar the door.” To our cousins “down under” and to Prime Minister Abbott, may I be so kind as to offer you an apology from a simple American, and ask that you continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the American people.

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