Ferguson: the progressive socialist Left’s racial Waterloo

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It was supposed to be that seminal moment, shining a glaring light on the abject horror of white police brutality towards young black men. It was intended to be a triumph for the champions of race baiting. It was intended to be a midterm election rallying point for the black vote, staving off an electoral debacle of monumental proportions. It was intended to be a victory for victimhood and mob justice over the rule of law and judicial process. In the end, Ferguson, Missouri resulted in a Waterloo for the Left — especially the liberal progressive media who was caught perpetuating a lie of epic proportions.

And now Ferguson burns and a family is embarrassed not only nationally, but internationally.

First, my heart goes out to the parents of Michael Brown who were used as pawns in a game of politics with the vehicle being the tragic loss of their son. It was never the intent of anyone passing themselves off as their “sympathetic friends” to know the truth — it was their goal to advance an agenda, at their expense.

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Second, the media owes an apology to one Ferguson Police Officer named Darren Wilson — yeah, I know, it will not be forthcoming. Wilson survived death threats, a bounty, and his name being horrifically smeared by a mob spun into a frenzy by a sensationalist Leftist media machine not interested in truth, fact, and evidence — just a story that fit their insatiable hunger.

Third, a special hat tip goes out to St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch who realized the volatility of the situation and delivered what was the most articulate and meticulous grand jury summary we may ever come to hear. His careful explanation of the entire proceeding, and decision to make public the evidence and findings de-fanged a multi-headed hydra that was poised to strike.

Of course, the hydra decided to strike anyway, displaying true disregard once again — two weeks in a row — of the rule of law in America. The real losers in all of this were those like Jesse Jackson Sr., Al Sharpton, and the mob who, even in the face of truth, made a conscious decision not to abide by it — or accept it.

Consider the Democrat Party of Georgia, who unabashedly used images of Ferguson, Missouri in campaign materials to stoke racial animosity during the recent Senate race. They likened a vote for the GOP candidate, David Perdue, to being supportive of another “Ferguson” occurring in Georgia. One has to ask, will the Chairman of the Georgia Democrat Party issue an apology statement to the people of the “Peach state?” I certainly don’t expect one to be given to Senator-elect Perdue.

And what now of the public image of our law enforcement officers, who have seen their collective reputation besmirched all in the name of what? Some ill conceived sense of “social justice?”

Shall we now — in light of the truth of Ferguson — realize these men and women place their lives on the line every day for the sake of the preamble of the Constitution which states, “to establish justice and ensure domestic tranquility?”

The men and women of the “Thin Blue Line” are the everyday soldiers on the front lines, fighting to maintain a peaceful environment in which we can all find the “security of the blessings of liberty.”

Are there bad cops out there — yep — just like there are bad anything. However, the blanket assault on the honor, integrity, and character of the American law enforcement officer must end. After all, where are the protests and rioting when one of them loses his life? Recently we’ve even seen that come at the hands of illegal immigrants who have been deported on several occasions, only to return.

Ferguson, Missouri and the case of the shooting of Michael Brown must awaken in all of us the notion that individuals are responsible for their actions — and there are consequences. It was not just the actions of Michael Brown, but the despicable actions of those who would willingly lie as Prosecutor McCulloch brilliantly presented in his grand jury summary.

Where are we going in America, when there is no compunction to tell the truth when it comes to the life of another human being? We must understand the closed grand jury hearing was necessary in order for the truth to surface and those who could speak it could do so without fear of retribution. And again, a hat tip to McCulloch for being astute enough to protect the names and reputations of those who would commit perjury — and for what?

In closing, Ferguson, Missouri was a triumph for the system of federalism once again displaying the preeminence of the state over the federal government in such a matter. There can be no doubt that the federal government under the social activist agenda of President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder sought to fully interject itself.

However, with complete transparency of witnesses and physical evidence, Robert McCulloch checked and checkmated the secret whims of Obama and Holder. And that was clearly visible Monday evening when President Obama rambled on after the decision, still straining to stoke the fires of racial animosity.

Yes, we do have a problem in America and it is with raising our young black men to be respectful and responsible — there is a reason why we have a Ray Rice or an Adrian Peterson — it starts early. We have a problem with media sensationalism and truth. We have a problem with the respect of the rule of law. We have a problem with regard for our law enforcement officers. We have a problem with victimization and the politics of race and the advancement of a “by any means necessary” skewed vision of justice.

Officer Darren Wilson was “innocent until proven guilty” and too many forgot what that meant. He has been exonerated of any wrongdoing as he was attacked. We must ask ourselves, would we feel better as a nation is we had buried Wilson? Would there have been incessant media coverage and protests? Sadly, we all know the answer to that question. Our law enforcement officers die and no one really cares, save for the families who go missing a loved one — as seen in the murder of Captain Kevin Quick in Virginia. Or does anyone remember the name of the NYPD rookie who was attacked by the ax-wielding jihadist?

I thank God that even in the face of all this negativity — and at times hatred — we still have young men and women who will serve and protect us on our streets, preventing complete anarchy and lawlessness. In the end, we should all take a pause and thank a law enforcement officer today for his or her service, sacrifice, commitment, and bravery. Thanks guys, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.

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