The single most frightening consequence of a nuclear Iran no one is discussing

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I find it rather perplexing that President Barack Hussein Obama finds it more difficult to negotiate and work with Republicans than concede to Iranians. Furthermore, those who actually believe a nuclear Iran can be contained citing the Soviet Union as an example are in my opinion, delusional.

The Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) theory that existed with the Soviets is untenable with the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is a theocracy and fully embraces the belief that such a weapon is necessary in the quest to restore Islamic dominance and the return of the 12th — hidden Imam — the Mahdi. Any denial of those truths held by the Iranian Ayatollahs — who are the power brokers — reflects complete naiveté and a dismissal of their religious-based foreign policy.

Even more dangerous is the revelation that President Obama believes a nuclear deal with Iran is an integral part of his legacy — one that would certainly seal the fate of Israel and begin a modern nuclear arms race in the Middle East. And so with all this as the backdrop, America has deployed Secretary of State John Kerry to negotiate — from a position of assured weakness — with Iran.

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I mean, really?

As reported by Yahoo! News, “Prospects of a nuclear deal with Iran by a deadline slipped further away Sunday despite frenzied last-minute diplomacy, forcing the U.S. and partner nations to start working on ways to extend the talks, diplomats said. Two Western diplomats said talks were continuing with Iran on trying to bridge differences on reducing Tehran’s ability to make nuclear weapons to levels acceptable to Washington while giving the Islamic republic the relief it seeks from international sanctions over its atomic activities.”

Amazingly enough, we’re sitting down with the country known as the largest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism, asking them to curtail a program which they refuse to admit exists. This is true folly. Iran is operating under the understanding that the West — especially the United States — does not wish to have a confrontation with them, ceding them the moral high ground. Also, Iran knows the United States – i.e. Obama – doesn’t want to reengage in Iraq and prefers to NOT deal with the ISIS issue — another major leverage point.

This is why the short-term campaign promise of a complete withdrawal from Iraq will go down as one of the greatest foreign policy and national security blunders in history. In the long term, we have elevated Iran as a dominant power in the region. Consider who is actually controlling Iraq. Who is propping up Bashar al-Assad in Syria? Who is backing Hezbollah in Lebanon? Who is supporting Hamas with next generation longer-range rockets? Who is exporting Islamic terrorism into our hemisphere by way of the Revolutionary Guard forces and Al Quds — who are exploiting our porous border? Who is backing the Al Houthi’s who have ascended to power in Yemen? Who has made overt threats to “wipe off the map” the one nation supposed to be our best ally in the Middle East? And who is now dictating the terms of nuclear agreement with the West and America? Yes, the answer is Iran.

Iran smells our fear and our weak reticence to confront them — a repeat of history between Hitler and Neville Chamberlain — and we know how that ended up.

Another delay only serves as a victory for Iran and allows them to continue their centrifuges and march towards a nuclear capability and capacity. But what I assess to be the greatest threat of Iran having a device and the delivery platform — working in conjunction with North Korea, which we know they possess – is an EMP attack. EMP stands for Electronic Magnetic Pulse and would simply entail a nuclear detonation in the atmosphere enabling a shut down of our entire grid system — which needs hardening.

It could be easily done from a cargo ship just outside our sovereign waters — or even infiltrated inside. And I am quite sure the progressive socialists who are supportive of our surrender to Iran would rather attack my assessment than listen to what I’m presenting.

After all, we do have Russian bombers now flying all over the place – including over Guam, along our west coast, and the Gulf of Mexico. I suppose it’s easier to attack the domestic political opposition instead of the true enemies of liberty and freedom.

Yahoo! News says, “U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was meeting Sunday evening with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif. One of the diplomats said Kerry and Zarif could start floating the need to focus on going past the Monday deadline discussions at that point. The two diplomats demanded anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss the confidential negotiations. A U.S. official acknowledged that the prospect of add-on talks past Monday was now being considered. “It is only natural that less than 48 hours from the deadline we are discussing a range of options,” the official said on condition of anonymity for the same reason. “An extension is one of those options. It should come as no surprise that we will also engage in a discussion of the options with the Iranians at some point as well.”

There is only one quality respected and understood in the Middle East and that is strength — and the resolve and might to face down your enemies. At this moment, none of that exists and the ramifications for our foreign policy are detrimental to say the least. There is a coming storm and the next U.S. president will have a bevy of adversaries and belligerents — non-state and state — against which to contend, and confront. However, most dangerous would be a nuclear Iran — and hearing some talk of “containment” of Iran means there is an air of appeasement and acquiescence that does not bode well for the future.

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