Attacks on quad bikes! UK SAS shows how to kick some ISIS butt.

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You know there are some fellas who know just how to deal with the enemy — especially ISIS and Islamic jihadis. I’m often asked when how I would deal with ISIS. Well, the boys of the British SAS (Special Air Service) exemplify my response.

As reported by the UK Daily Mail, “SAS troops with sniper rifles and heavy machine guns have killed hundreds of Islamic State extremists in a series of deadly quad-bike ambushes inside Iraq, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Defense sources indicated that soldiers from the elite fighting unit have eliminated ‘up to eight terrorists per day’ in the daring raids, carried out during the past four weeks. Until now, it had been acknowledged only that the SAS was operating in a reconnaissance role in Iraq and was not involved in combat. But The Mail on Sunday has learned that small groups of soldiers are being dropped into IS territory in RAF Chinook helicopters – to take on the enemy.”

Now that is how you put “boots on the ground” for the sole purpose of killing the enemy and vanquishing them with extreme prejudice. Hat tip to UK Prime Minister David Cameron who, without bluster, has taken the fight to the enemy after its brutal and savage actions of beheading his citizens — a lesson from which Barack Hussein Obama could definitely learn.

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The Mail says, “Targets are identified by drones operated either from an SAS base or by the soldiers themselves on the ground, who use smaller devices. The troops are also equipped with quad bikes – four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles that can have machine guns bolted on to a frame. They then seek out IS units and attack the terrorists using the element of surprise and under the cover of darkness.”

And what exactly are the 3,000 U.S. troops doing in Iraq, who are supposed to be in a combat zone performing non-combat operations? I think if you speak to the SAS operators, they’ll tell you there’s plenty of ongoing combat.

There’s only one way to contend with ISIS, or any Islamist group: find them, kill them and look for more. They respect strength and might, and when engaged, you find out that they are mostly cowards.

As the Daily Mail writes, “The missions have taken place on a near daily basis in the past four weeks and the SAS soldiers have expended so much ammunition that regimental quartermasters have been forced to order a full replenishment of stocks of machine-gun rounds and sniper bullets. An SAS source said: ‘Our tactics are putting the fear of God into IS as they don’t know where we’re going to strike next and there’s frankly nothing they can do to stop us.”

First of all, what a great problem to have — we need more ammunition! But it’s also important to note the confidence of the SAS operators who are taking the fight to the enemy, as opposed to our warriors who are sent to fight Ebola and not the enemy — especially in light of the most recent beheading of another American — a former U.S. Army Ranger.

Here are the TTPs (Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures) being implemented by the SAS operators: “We’re degrading their morale. They can run and hide if they see planes in the sky but they can’t see or hear us. Using so many snipers takes the fear factor to another level too; the terrorists don’t know what’s happening. They just see their colleagues lying dead in the sand.’

The Mail says “the SAS’s guerrilla-style raids are targeting IS’s main supply routes across western Iraq and vehicle checkpoints set up by the terrorists to conduct kidnappings and extort money from local drivers. The operations start with SAS commanders studying hours of footage of potential target sites recorded by drones – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) – and listening to enemy communication intercepts in a bid to identify IS leaders. Once the regiment’s senior officers have identified a target, the soldiers gather to receive their operational orders. They then leave their secret base and climb aboard a fleet of helicopters – with the quad bikes already safely secured in the cargo hold.”

“As the SAS soldiers strap themselves into their seats, the pilots tap in the co-ordinates for the area of desert where the Chinook will land. As the helicopters’ engines are so loud, the Chinooks take the SAS soldiers to a laying-up point as far as 50 miles from the target. The troops disembark aboard the quad bikes and prepare their general- purpose machine guns (GPMGs) and Barrett sniper rifles.”

This is a clear show of military and tactical superiority, as you know ISIS is reading the UK Daily Mail report. The SAS demonstrates they do not have any fear of the enemy — basically telling ISIS, here we are, this is what we’re doing, and we’ll continue to kill you. This is how you meet the enemy on the battlefield — something we fail to embrace.

President Obama said his goal was to degrade, defeat, and destroy ISIS — but he has continued to tell the enemy what he is not willing to do. Instead, as the Mail reports, “the SAS raids are intended to degrade Islamic State’s fighting capability ahead of a spring offensive by 20,000 Iraqi and Kurdish troops next year, with the UK providing additional training for these soldiers.”

Gee, I guess someone does have a strategy – but sadly it’s not the U.S.

You don’t outsource your national security to Syrian rebels. You take the field and meet the enemy — and kill them. Cheers, mates!

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