More Obamacare lies: Administration inflated enrollment by counting dental

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The most transparent administration in America’s history has struck again — and the Obama administration wonders why America does not trust it.

As reported by Politico, “The Obama administration has admitted that it inflated Obamacare enrollment numbers twice this year — including in testimony to Congress — thanks to an error in the way health insurance numbers were conflated with dental insurance figures. The exaggeration, which HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell said was an “unacceptable” mistake, inflated the reported number enrolled in Obamacare by 400,000.

House Republicans first spotted the issue, and say that blaming the bad numbers on mistaken data “strains credulity.” If you take the dental insurance customers out of the latest administration Obamacare report, the enrollment number is closer to 6.7 million now. The problem was uncovered by House Oversight Republicans after receiving more detailed information from HHS this month. Burwell pledged to take steps so that “this kind of mistake does not occur again after we understand why it happened.”

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Right, so we should believe the unemployment rate in America is 5.9 percent as well?

“This new controversy follows the stream of unflattering news about former administration health care adviser Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist who denigrated American’s “stupidity” on a series of videos to explain how the health law got passed. That has overshadowed the otherwise smooth rollout of Obamacare’s second open enrollment season, one that made good on Burwell’s promises to avoid a repeat of the debacle of’s debut last fall.”

But somehow no one is reporting that we have an issue with increasing costs for deductibles and insurance premiums.

There is an age-old adage that “figures lie and liars figure” which seems to apply here. But when will the American people — and the liberal progressive media – finally acknowledge this Obama administration is embroiled in countless deceptions, lies, and falsifications in order to promote its agenda? Apparently, the whole crux of Obamacare — according to Jonathan Gruber, that fella no one seems to know — is based on lies and deception, as evidenced by the manipulation of the scoring data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). We were told the individual mandate was a fine, not a tax, then we come to find out all along that the only way Obamacare is constitutional is for the individual mandate to be a tax — behavioral modification by way of taxation — a horrible policy.

And then we know President Obama has altered, amended, changed, or delayed portions of his signature domestic policy achievement some 36 times. Again, this is not within his “lawful authority,” but if it advances the desired progressive socialist ends — then “by any means necessary” becomes the modus operandi.

This recent trouble with math for the Obama administration has several top Republicans who see it as far more than an error. Politico says “House Oversight Chairman Darrell Issa insisted “HHS must provide a clear and detailed account of who knew about this decision and when they knew it.” House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted, “Administration double counts #Obamacare enrollees to reach enrollment goal” of 7 million.”

But then again, somehow this is all the fault of those pesky Republicans who just refuse to allow the president to do what he wants. Therefore Obama is forced to take unilateral unconstitutional executive actions plus lie and deceive in order to counter the recalcitrant GOP that just will not bend to Obama’s will. You know how it is — send me a bill I like, or else I’ll veto it and rule by edict.

“HHS Secretary Burwell and HHS officials did not publicly explain how the mistake happened. But one administration official told Politico a topline number for paid enrollment — different data than HHS usually uses in its enrollment reports — was used for Medicare chief Marilyn Tavenner’s testimony on the Hill in September. She said at the time that 7.3 million people were covered as of mid-August.” It seems there was some commingling of medical and dental insurance coverages that shouldn’t have happened — so why?

The issue poses a challenge to Burwell’s credibility. And it seems that Burwell took the immediate position of political resolution. Politico reports that, “shortly after the data discrepancy, reported first by Bloomberg News, became public this past Thursday, HHS scheduled a conference call with Democratic allies on Capitol Hill.”

But why not a conference call with all legislators on Capitol Hill?

“The problem isn’t the numbers — whether they hit a target or not — the real problem is that this fosters a belief that [administration officials] are playing fast and loose with the facts, that they are not being upfront with the American people,” said Tevi Troy, a former HHS official under President George W. Bush and the president of the American Health Policy Institute. He added that “the Gruber story cemented that.” Dan Mendelson, the CEO of Avalere Health who served in the Clinton administration, called it a self-inflicted wound. “It feeds into the Gruber mania,” he said. “It defines the narrative of misleading the public. And that’s the problem with it.”

I don’t believe someone who was instrumental in the development of a central policy affecting healthcare and referring to the American people as “stupid” is just part of a “mania.” Americans have been misled, deceived, and lied to by the Obama administration – including by the president himself — on Obamacare.

And that’s just part of the greater concern of trust, integrity, and character as it demonstrated by the IRS, VA, Operation Fast and Furious, Benghazi, Department of Justice, GITMO, and various other scandals which have served in aggregate to define President Barack Hussein Obama and his administration not as one of transparency — but rather one of purposeful deception.

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