See you in Virginia or New Jersey?

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Well, I got off the ship on Sunday and now it’s time to board a plane. This will be a busy week, but very rewarding.

Today I’m off to Lynchburg Virginia to speak to the students at the world’s largest Christian university, Liberty University. Founded in 1971 by Rev. Jerry Falwell, Liberty has grown immensely and continues to follow its great commission of “Training Champions for Christ.” I am quite sure you all can imagine the difference in going from a DePaul University to a Liberty University to speak. If we weren’t going to be heading out west to Texas, our daughters had been inquiring about attending Liberty.

At a time when our culture and media want us to believe there are no young people who are beholden to traditional Christian values, there stands Liberty University to contradict that assertion. God knows I am a simple imperfect man, but this is such a blessing and when I was invited, I just found it hard to believe.

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If the weather isn’t too bad — yep, leaving 80 degrees for some chilly temps there in the Blue Ridge — come on out, the event is being sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation, a great organization to support. Rumor has it CSPAN may even cover the event. Here’s more information.

Wednesday I’ll be off to the other side of Virginia to speak Thursday morning at the Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer Breakfast — sponsored by the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) and Regents University, another fine institution.

As we head into the Christmas season, we must never forget the “reason for the season” and we must never abandon our Judeo-Christian faith heritage — an integral part of who we are in America. There are so many who seem to believe that prayer has no meaning in our country. They should read 2 Chronicles Chapter 7, verse 14 which pretty much settles the necessity of prayer for a nation.

As leaders, we come to those times when we are humanly spent and there is only one place where we can go to renew our spirit and mount upon wings like eagles. I am so humbled and honored to address the Hampton Roads Leadership Prayer breakfast. I pray the day never comes when we won’t be allowed to have such events — don’t laugh, I’m quite sure the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) would love to bring that to fruition.

Last stop for the week will be the Garden State of New Jersey to address the Family Policy Council. Yes, we need to talk about strengthening traditional American families and part of strengthening America’s economic security and ensuring greater opportunities for subsequent American generations. The event will be held Friday evening. Get more info here and I hope to see you there.

We’ll talk about Ronald Reagan’s third leg of conservatism — social conservatism and its place in American policy development. I know, some of you say, we don’t need to talk about social issues. Hmm, what happened to the black family in the 50 years since the progressive policy of President Lyndon B. Johnson called “The Great Society?” If America doesn’t restore the promise of the American dream in our inner cities, we will never achieve the greatness intended for our Republic.

Furthermore, when we talk about equality of opportunity versus equality of outcomes, that’s exactly the stress point of social conservatism. Cradle to grave government decision-making is not what was intended for America. And there are better choices that can be made — not just in killing future generations — but in educating them.

I’m for good weather when I depart Newark on Saturday because that direct flight cannot be delayed. I and a bunch of my open road brothers and sisters are taking a little motorcycle ride from Palm Beach Gardens up to the U.S. Navy SEAL Museum in Ft. Pierce. Visit the Allen West Foundation website for more info. This will probably be my last ride in South Florida for some time since I’ll be heading to Dallas — motorcycle to follow later. And perhaps in the spring, I’ll ride from South Florida to Dallas – stand by for information and details.

So from Lynchburg to Hampton Roads, Virginia to New Jersey and back home to South Florida, it will be a great week and as always, look forward to seeing y’all and shaking your hand!

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