Liberal think tank secretly colluded with media to brand Iran critics as un-American

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Now that I’m diving into the world of policy think tanks, I’m paying more attention to the actions of others. We already reported here about the center-left Brookings Institute receiving a major grant from the country of Qatar – they’re right there with Islamic terrorist groups getting funding from Qatar. Well, I may be on a National Review cruise, but I still have time to peruse the news and I found an interesting piece about another think tank organization.

I believe these centers of research and study on public policy should not only advocate to members of government, but should also enlighten the American electorate on policy solutions. A better-engaged and informed electorate will make decisions based on facts and not political sound bites or gimmicks.

However, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, we find an organization masking policy with politics: “A leading Democratic think-tank has been quietly waging a media war on behalf of the Obama administration’s Iran diplomacy since at least the early summer, according to previously undisclosed documents that accuse congressional skeptics of being un-American warmongers. Details of the Truman National Security Project’s campaign to sell the public on an Iran deal before it has even been signed comes just a day after the Washington Free Beacon revealed more recent emails from the group enlisting its associates in an “all-hands-on-deck effort to support” the White House’s diplomacy with Iran. New documents obtained by the Free Beacon show that Truman has been quietly preparing its associates to champion an Iran nuclear deal in the media and elsewhere since at least July of last year. The documents instruct Truman associates on how to sell an Iran deal and brands opponents as unpatriotic. Truman was embroiled in controversy on Tuesday after the Free Beacon exposed recently circulated media plans for promoting an Iran deal before details had even been established.”

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It will never be the objective of the NCPA — under my lead — to coordinate with any political party to be an extension of its communications department. We will analyze and assess policy. As well, we will carefully examine policy solutions based on the fundamental principles of a Constitutional Republic — that means America — of limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual sovereignty and liberty, a free market/free enterprise economic system and strong national defense.

The co-opting of the Brookings Institution by the funding of Qatar and now this sell-out for the Obama administration by the Truman National Security Project deplorable. I tend to believe Harry Truman wouldn’t have approved of any negotiations, concessions, compromises or agreements with the Islamic Republic of Iran — the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism in the world.

According the Beacon, “Rachel Kleinfeld, Truman’s founder and former CEO, described the revelation as “embarrassing” and declared that it is “not the organization I used to run.” “We should do a deal with Iran if its good—not for partisanship,” Kleinfeld tweeted. The internal emails exposed Truman’s effort to assemble a “crack team of writers” who could flood national and local media outlets with articles supporting an Iran deal ahead of the Nov. 24 deadline. “Our community absolutely must step up and not cede the public narrative to neocon hawks that would send our country to war just to screw the president,” Graham F. West (no relation, trust me), Truman’s writing and communications associate, wrote in the email.

So let me understand what ol’ Graham West is saying. Anyone who doesn’t believe we should be acquiescing to the regime of mad theocrats, who’ve been responsible for some of the most horrific terrorist attacks against our country is a warmongering neocon? So when Iran threatens our best ally in the Middle East we should just sit back and say let’s support Iran because we have to support President Obama? In other words, Graham and the folks at Truman have placed politics above policy – a bad move and thereby delegitimizing themselves as a true objective public policy organization.

Now you can just bet that if something like this came out about me and the NCPA after January 2015, the left wing progressive media would be having a field day — probably a front page New York Times story. Anyone heard about this collaboration in the media? I know, chirping.

As the Free Beacon writes, “If there’s a deal on or before July 20, this is going to be a #BFDeal, so start prepping now,” David Solimini, Truman’s vice president for strategic communications, wrote in an internal “guidance for communicators” distributed to Truman allies. “As you can see, I’m advising an aggressively outcome-focused approach,” Solimini wrote in the document, which goes on to provide talking points and “good lines” that Truman associates can use to bill the White House’s talks with Iran as a “win-win” situation. The talking points instruct Truman affiliates in the best ways to spin the situation, whether there is an extension in talks or a final deal with Iran. Solimini also advises that Truman associates accuse congressional skeptics of not “rooting” for an American win. “If they [Congress] kill the deal, they should be blamed for the consequences,” he wrote. “Congress gave the president the tools he needed to make sure Iran was isolated and under massive pressure. Now they need to support what they started so that we can keep up our end of the bargain.”

Hat tip to Adam Kredo at the Washington Free Beacon for bringing this to our attention and I can guarantee you Adam doesn’t succumb to partisan hypocrisy and would report me for doing something so nefarious and egregious.

Think tanks should and must be objective and principles-based — aligned with the fundamental values of this Republic. But then again, when your think tank is based on a fundamental transformation — well, this is what you get as demonstrated by the Truman Center. However, our national security isn’t something to be taken lightly as a playground for politics — the consequences are just too dire.

Hey, maybe one day I’ll get to meet ol’ cuz Graham and look him eyeball to eyeball — something tells me that will never happen, as it seems he has an issue with integrity and character.

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