Obama continues back-door action with release of suspected terrorist

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Yesterday I watched President Barack Hussein Obama give his one-and-half hour post-election press conference. If I were his advisor, I probably would have recommended against it.

It was a rambling sort of event with no real direction and included countless false statements – such as regarding immigration reform. He said it was a goal of his first term, but Republicans kept him from achieving it. But in the first two years of his first term, President Obama had a filibuster proof majority — which he used to ram through legislation like Obamacare and Dodd-Frank. He could have done the same with immigration reform.

I must admit, there was a part of me who felt bad for Obama — as someone who seems unable to accept responsibility for anything. I even went back and watched Bill Clinton after the 1994 midterm debacle he suffered and even he took immediate responsibility as the president. I’m trying to understand what Obama meant when he said, “The two-thirds of you who did not vote, I hear your voice as well.” I guess Obama wasn’t pleased that droves didn’t come out in support of his fundamental transformation of America.

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The problem that President Obama fails to understand is that he is seen as just another politician — no different from any other. Also, it’s amazing that he continues to speak of Washington DC as if it’s an entity completely detached from his existence.

However, my slight pity dissolved as I read about another one of those backdoor actions we, the people find out after the fact.

As reported by The Blaze, “The Defense Department on Wednesday announced it has released a suspected terrorist from facilities in Guatanamo Bay, and said the move fits with the Obama administration’s broader plan to close those facilities. According to the department, an interagency review board found that the prisoner, Fouzi Khalid Abdullah Al Awda, does not pose a “significant threat” to the United States. As a result, he will be transferred to the government of Kuwait, which the Defense Department thanked for helping it to close down Guantanamo Bay.”

I would hope this transfer was coordinated with Members of Congress — funny that it happened the day after the midterm elections. This fella may not seem to pose a “significant threat,” but how many other released detainees met the same assessment after which we find them returning to the battlefield?

According to The Blaze, “The Defense Department said it and the Departments of Homeland Security and Justice, as well as the Director of National Intelligence, found that Al Awda no longer needed to be detained. The administration has long sought to close the facilities, which Democrats believe only foster more terrorist acts against the United States. Obama is known to be pushing for its closure in the last two years of his presidency.”

Those of you who would say Mr. Al Awda was never charged, well, he is an unlawful enemy combatant and a non-state, non-uniformed belligerent captured on the battlefield. This is not a police action but a combat operation.

You see, once again the Constitution is clear about the delineation of duties on this matter. Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 enumerates the power to “make rules concerning captures on land and water.” The main issue of the 2014 midterm election cycle was about a president who shows no regard for the rule of law or the concept of coequal branches of government or separation of powers.

And so the voices of America cried out to say we need to have a legislative branch that will stand up to the executive and end the unlawful usurpation of powers and authority which is not granted to the latter.

And that concern was validated today as President Obama spoke of taking executive action on the issue of illegal immigration. He professed that he would take his own action and if the new GOP House and Senate sent him legislation that he approved, he would lift his edict.

Ladies and gents, that is not how it works in a Constitutional Republic. As it stands right now, Obama’s legacy will be right up there with King George III — many of Thomas Jefferson’s grievances written in the Declaration of Independence apply to the Obama administration — such as “He has combined with others to subject us to a Jurisdiction foreign to our Constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended legislation” or how about “For imposing Taxes on us without our consent”. And of course for Jefferson, it was all about the “consent of the governed” relating to John Locke’s social contract theory.

The lesson of the midterm election was that Americans wanted a bulwark against an uber executive branch and a president who seems to believe that having his way validates his actions — after all back during the sit down meeting on the stimulus package early in 2009, Obama quipped to the minority GOP members, “I won.”

Funny, ever notice how you never heard the word “compromise” in those first two years of the Obama administration?

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