Sneaky Democrats support Libertarian candidate to tilt Arizona election results

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We’re just 24 hours away from the very important midterm elections of 2014 — and we know there will be some shenanigans — well, there already have been. One of the suspect aspects of recent elections has been the planting of supposed Libertarian and Independent candidates.

Now, I’m not trying in any way to delegitimize the true libertarian movement, but there have been some fairly questionable actions surrounding some declared Libertarian or non-party candidates. Take for example the Libertarian candidate in the Virginia gubernatorial race, who siphoned off some 8 percent of the vote where Republican candidate Ken Cucinelli ended up losing by less than 2 percent to Terry MacAuliffe. It was later revealed the Libertarian candidate had received substantial financial support from Democrat operatives in Texas.

In this current election cycle, it has come to light that Senate Democrats pressured their actual nominee to drop out of the Kansas Senate race resulting in a two-person race between Republican Senator Pat Roberts and “Independent” Greg Orman. Of course it has been revealed that Orman was a Democrat who voted for and financially supported Barack Hussein Obama, and seems to refuse to state positions on issues. He too has been receiving Democrat support.

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And now what’s happening in Arizona is a clear indicator that Democrats are using “Libertarian” candidates in races to siphon votes from Republicans in close senate, congressional, and even gubernatorial races.

As reported by the Washington Free Beacon, “The Arizona Democratic Party is mailing out flyers touting the policies of a Libertarian running as a third party candidate in an election for a close House seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Kyrsten Sinema. The mailer sent by the Democrats does not mention Sinema. It instead features Powell Gammill, the Libertarian candidate in the race, according to images of the mailer obtained by the Free Beacon.”


So why would the Democrat Party of Arizona send out a mail piece touting a Libertarian candidate? Possibly because it was a successful tactic from two years ago.

The Beacon says, “The race in Arizona’s 9th District in 2012 was too close to call on election night, but Sinema wound up defeating her Republican opponent by fewer votes than were pulled in by Gammill. Sinema won by just over 10,000 votes, and Gammill pulled in 16,620 votes. Sinema, who is openly bisexual and describes herself as “a Prada socialist,” is facing a tough challenge from Republican Wendy Rogers — a fifth generation retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and one of the first 100 female pilots in the US Air Force, flying C-141 and C-21 aircraft. Gammill could again prove to be the deciding factor in the race, as polls currently show Sinema leading the race by a smaller margin than Gammill pulled in 2012.”

By the way, the Allen West Guardian Fund has endorsed Wendy Rogers.

And just in case you believe this is all made up, at the sender label for confirmation. “The Arizona Democratic Party told the Arizona Republic that the mailer is part of a strategy to draw voters away from Rogers. Obviously we prefer Kyrsten Sinema,” said DJ Quinlan, executive director of the Arizona Democratic Party. “Our calculation is there are probably a lot of conservative voters who realize [Gammill] is a far more consistent conservative than Wendy Rogers.”


As you can see from the mailer, it’s highly unlikely stands such as “eliminate all government funding for abortions” and “eliminate all gun control laws” would be appealing to Democratic voters. Clearly this mail piece from the Arizona Democrat Party is not intended for Democrats — it is clearly meant to draw away conservative voters. And I pray voters will come to understand this is a tactic being used by Democrats in other elections across the country.

Again, it’s not my intent to detract from libertarian ideals, but to warn against Libertarians being used as pawns by Democrats in order to maintain their power and control of contested elections. As well, the Republican Party has some culpability, in that they must recognize this effort and not allow Democrats to create a gap they can exploit. The 2012 numbers from the Arizona Congressional district-9 election are proof positive — Gammill secured a vital 16.620 votes that would have easily precluded Sinema from being victorious. And one has to wonder — what is Gammill’s motivation for running again in 2014?

With the progressive socialists of the Democrat Party it’s easy — just follow the money. If retired Air Force LTC Wendy Rogers is defeated in a close race, go back and examine the Gammill differential — and do some FEC report analysis of Gammill. Rep. Krysten Sinema is an avowed socialist who supports releasing GITMO detainees — and we all know where those fellas end up — are those REALLY the values of Arizona’s CD-9?

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