Another ax attack and an attempted beheading: what is happening to our nation?

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I suppose it could be dismissed as just a copycat attack, or perhaps even another instance of workplace violence – that’s what the powers that be would prefer.

However, we’ve just had another episode of a police officer being attacked by someone with an ax. As reported by WTOP, “D.C. Police are at a heightened state of alert after a man with an ax attacked an officer early Friday. The incident happened around 3 a.m. in the 3800 block of 13th Street in Northeast, several blocks east of the Catholic University campus. An officer in full uniform was in a police cruiser when he was ambushed, according to Officer Araz Alali, a D.C. police spokesman. The suspect swung an ax and shattered the cruiser’s window. The officer got out of the vehicle and tried to apprehend the suspect. Alali said he was injured in the struggle, not by the ax, and was unable to stop the attacker.The officer was taken to the hospital, and was expected to be OK.”


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The suspect was able to flee on foot and police do have the ax to process it for evidence. Regardless of motive and intent, we must pray that this is not becoming some new trend against our law enforcement officers — who most of the time are simply attempting to perform their duties.

The number of law enforcement officers who are killed and wounded is far too high and the recent shooting in California leaving two sheriff deputies dead at the hand of an illegal immigrant evidences the lack of our governing policies to protect the men and women of the thin blue line. But we must also not rule out the effect of recent social media encouragement by the Islamic terrorist group ISIS for police and military members — including their families — to be attacked, actually “slaughtered.”

We reported here about the Australian plot that was foiled involving a mass attack or public beheadings against civilians — that was also called upon by ISIS. And police did shoot a Muslim teenager in Australia who attempted to stab and behead a police officer.

And then there is this story out of Oklahoma where — as reported by KSWO — “A man from Stillwater has been charged with first-degree murder for nearly decapitating the son of a state trooper. 21-year-old Isaiah Marin of Stillwater was charged in the attack that killed 19-year-old Jacob Andrew Crockett Wednesday. Police say Marin was arrested Wednesday afternoon after someone saw him walking down the street carrying a large knife. The witness’s call came just before Marin called the police himself. Marin remains in the Payne County Jail.”

There is some horrific evil afoot in our America. I grew up in the inner city of Atlanta and don’t recall fellas going around wanting to behead each other. Now, we would fight but mostly it was with our fists and none of this shootings and such. Do I believe there is any terrorist plot behind the incident in Stillwater? That can be decided by local law enforcement in their investigation. But what does disturb me the most are the actions of a segment of young people in America.

When we start to have teenaged girls wanting to travel and join terrorist groups, when we have young men leaving the greatest nation in the world to join and fight with a terrorist group, when we have horrific assaults such as this in Stillwater, perhaps there is a greater concern beyond ISIS. What is happening in American culture?

I often hear people criticize fundamental values — maybe we need to restore those “old school” ways of strong families, respect for adults, dignity, and respect for authority. There is a looming breakdown in our country and it is showing itself in a very troubling manner. Recently conservative pundit Mark Steyn mused on how the GOP could win the election on November 4th, but “Election Day is one day a year, and the culture is the other 364 days a year. So if you’re not in there competing in the schools, competing in the pop culture, competing in the media, competing in the main-line churches, then the air we breathe becomes liberal.”

I concur with Mark Steyn.
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